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    Venice The Series CAST - John Brogno - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on John Brogno Played by Jordan Clarke on Venice The Series Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jordan Clarke

    Birthday: July 21 1950
    Birthplace: Rochester, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Married Valerie Clarke in 1992
    Real Name: Jordan Clarke


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    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Nine.

    Thursday, January 19 2012

    Jamie walks out to perform and looks surprised to see the Brogno family in the crowd. Jamie sings a song about "getting paid to get laid," much to Gina and Owen's amusement. The Colonel gets up to talk, shocking Katie and Guya. When Owen can't contain his laughter, he and Gina walk away. Stella shows up to support John. They commiserate over losing their loved ones. Richard approaches and Stella leaves to get John a beer. Richard questions John about what Gina was like when she went off to school. John wonders if he's getting nostalgic. Richard says, "Something like that."

    Venice Season Three Episode Eight.

    Thursday, January 12 2012

    Gina visits Owen at his place. Owen brings up her announcement at the party about Michelle. Gina is okay knowing she doesn’t have to do all the work. She wants a real life because time is limited. She thinks she might even meet someone someday. She asks him about Adrienne and Sami. Owen says Adrienne is new and Sami is having a hard time forgiving him. The Colonel calls Gina and tells her Amber's funeral is tomorrow and he wants to go. She's hesitant, but agrees to go with him. After hanging up, Owen questions her about what's going on. Gina fills him in, which sets Owen off. However, he wants to go to the funeral to watch their father sweat.

    At the Colonel's, Stella offers her condolences about his friend. He appreciates that, saying she was a special soul. Stella offers to go to the funeral to keep him company.

    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Six.

    Wednesday, December 28 2011

    As Gina leaves The Colonel's house, she runs into her father's nurse, Stella, who tells Gina she needs a day off. She explains that she's a single mom, because her partner died, and has to go to parent teacher conferences. Gina assures her it's no problem.

    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Five.

    Wednesday, December 21 2011

    Guya finds The Colonel doing exercises at home. She asks if there's any gossip in the neighborhood. He strings her along for a bit with a story, but ultimately tells her nothing is going on. He wonders if that's the only reason she came by. Guya relays that Katie would want her to check in on him. Guya feels her there. The Colonel misses Katie, but doesn't feel her in every nook and cranny. Guya thinks that's too bad. She then sees an earring on the floor and asks who it belongs to.

    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Four.

    Thursday, December 15 2011

    At home, John's nurse takes him through physical therapy. She gets him to add to his repertoire and tells him she'd like to hear some of his war stories.

    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Three.

    Thursday, December 08 2011

    At The Colonel’s house, the nurse has won the arm wrestling match and watches him do sit ups while he whines. Later, Gina arrives, angry that he mailed the letter to Ani. Gina only wrote it for closure. Colonel claims he was trying to help even though he doesn’t approve of what he calls "her lifestyle." Gina growls at that and tells him Ani read the letter and doesn’t want her.

    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Two.

    Monday, December 05 2011

    At the house, John's (The Colonel) nurse offers to arm wrestle with him. If she wins, he has to suck it up about his therapy. He promises he'll whip her butt. He can be heard yelling from the street.

    Owen arrives at The Colonel's and confesses he lost the movie deal. John's pissed and tells him to get a real job and stop being pathetic. Owen shakes his head and calls his dad a pathetic father. They're interrupted by Richard and Owen takes off. Richard apologizes for the ill timing. They have coffee and discuss how stubborn Gina is. Richard brings up a job interview at City Hall and his divorce. He's not sure if he's moving back but hears Gina's not in a relationship right now. John stammers and says there was someone in Gina's life but he doesn't think she made a go of it. Richard hopes to get something going with Gina. John looks awkward and says he's sure if Gina wants to talk to him, she'll call him.

    Venice The Series Season Two Season Finale: Episode Twelve.

    Wednesday, December 29 2010

    John’s doing so well with his exercises at home that Gina offers to make him a hamburger. He’s grateful and when she goes to cook, he takes out the letter Gina wrote to Ani out of her purse and slyly takes off. Gina goes in search of him with his burger but can’t find him. He has gone and mailed off the letter to Ani.

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