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    Venice The Series CAST - Jamie Smith - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jamie Smith Played by Harrison White on Venice The Series Daytime Soap Opera.

    Harrison White

    Real Name: Harrison White


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    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Nine.

    Thursday, January 19 2012

    Jamie walks out to perform and looks surprised to see the Brogno family in the crowd. Jamie sings a song about "getting paid to get laid," much to Gina and Owen's amusement. The Colonel gets up to talk, shocking Katie and Guya. When Owen can't contain his laughter, he and Gina walk away. Stella shows up to support John. They commiserate over losing their loved ones. Richard approaches and Stella leaves to get John a beer. Richard questions John about what Gina was like when she went off to school. John wonders if he's getting nostalgic. Richard says, "Something like that."

    Jamie runs out after Gina and Owen wondering why they didn't tell him whose funeral this was. Jane follows and tells them Brandon is staking the place out. They all panic as Brandon and Dana greet them. Brandon pulls Guya aside to ask why her whole family is there. She tells him, off the record, Amber died at John's house. She begs him not to turn her family in because they didn’t kill her and it won't change anything. He tells her to get back to the funeral and he will figure out how to handle it. Meanwhile, Dana gives Gina her card to call for police business, or not.

    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Four.

    Thursday, December 15 2011

    At his bar, Jamie hands Gina a daisy martini and shares what he overheard about Brandon discussing the case of the prostitute. Gina promises to talk to Guya.

    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Three.

    Thursday, December 08 2011

    Jane meets Brandon for drinks on the beach. She brings up Van and their relationship and Brandon talks about trying to wrap up the case of the woman found in the funeral home. Nearby, a nervous Jamie overhears and hands Jane a martini, trying to get more information. He flashes to dragging the dead hooker from his car and dropping her off at the funeral home.

    Venice The Series Season Three Epsiode One.

    Tuesday, November 22 2011

    At the café, Jamie is happy Drew is serving him at his own joint. He could get used to it. He and Drew share a kiss. He’s surprised about them. There was a time when he didn’t think he would be able to be openly gay. He grew up in a gospel home and had a gay uncle. They called him eccentric. He tried to protect him but it was so complicated. They start kissing.

    Venice The Series: Episode 11.

    Wednesday, December 22 2010

    Lara’s at the beach café drinking. Jamie can tell she’s upset but she’ll be fine. She wants him to keep the booze coming and get her book deal back. Jamie comforts her. She talks about how she thinks she’s losing Ani. She sleeps and Jamie wakes her up. He has a car waiting to take her home. She leaves with him, miserably.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode 10.

    Wednesday, December 15 2010

    Ani, Lara and Gina celebrate Ani’s gallery showing outside at Gina’s pool. Everyone toasts Ani and Michelle gushes about how amazing it is to see Ani’s photos on display. Lara goes to refresh her drink and Gina replaces her. Michelle leaves them alone and Gina congratulates Ani, who thanks her for making her night happen. Lara stares from a table nearby as Katherine watches Guya with Brandon. Gina visits Brandon and Guya, who tells Gina that Brandon’s a homicide detective. Jamie drops by and overhears. Gina’s face goes pale as Guya shares that Brandon found a dead hooker’s body recently. Jamie puts on a smile and congratulates the detective who shares that they found a bracelet on the woman with a crest with the letter C scrawled on it and says she probably died of an aortic aneurism. There’s no sign of foul play but they just can’t figure out how she ended up in a funeral home. Gina laughs nervously and Brandon says they probably shouldn’t discuss it further. Gina and Jamie take off with excuses to refresh their drinks. Once they’re out of earshot, Gina blasts Jamie for taking the hooker to a funeral home. Jamie squeaks that he’s never done this before. He flashes to wheeling the covered body on a dolly while screaming, "Oh God. Oh God. Why? Why? Why?"

    Later, Gina goes to Michelle and apologizes for not being in the office. She’ll be back soon. Michelle assures her it’s fine but takes off for a drink. She meets with Drew who admits he’s a huge fan of her designs. Drew’s a Rocket Scientist, Jamie boasts and Drew starts talking shop, causing Jamie to become even more enamored. The men kiss and Gina’s impressed. She thinks they’re adorable. She goes to Guya who shares she’s got an issue with her gift. She sees Amber nearby and goes to her but the woman is gone. Gina says hello to Jess and asks after Tracy. Lara falls into the pool at that point and Gina offers to help the drunken woman home.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Nine.

    Wednesday, December 08 2010

    Jamie can see Owen’s got a lot on his mind and offers to listen, at the beach. Owen says he lost the movie, weeks ago. Jamie feels for him. Owen says they hired the producer’s son. He feels like this was the one shot for him but Jamie’s sure there are more and his family will be supportive. He needs to open up. Owen’s embarrassed he’s been lying the whole time, even to Sami.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Eight.

    Wednesday, December 01 2010

    Lara, Jamie and Drew discuss the show sale they conquered over cocktails on the rooftop patio. Lara receives a call from Ani and refuses dinner. She’ll have to stay home and write. She hangs up and admits to Jamie she’s behind on her book. She didn’t tell Ani because she wouldn’t understand the kind of pressure she’s under. Jamie disagrees but Lara wants to get back to drinking and talking about their shopping escapades. Later, Lara meets with Jamie and Gina arrives and he hands her a martini. She tells Ani all about John’s rehab plan and how excited she is. They talk about the gallery opening party at Gina’s place and what type of food they’d like to serve. Ani wants pigs in a blanket but worries about her weight. Gina comforts her and calls her the most beautiful woman she has ever met. They start dancing slowly.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Seven.

    Wednesday, November 24 2010

    Jess, a co-worker of Michelle’s visiting on business from England, hangs out with Michelle, Jamie, Lara and Ani on the beach. Lara and Ani get amorous and then leave for snacks while Michelle giggles wildly at the cuteness factor. Gina arrives at the beach, happy to run into Richard, an old friend. They hug and she tells him she has a party to attend, so they agree to get together soon.

    Nearby, Jamie’s snuggling with Drew, the new love interest he met on Twitter. Everyone tells Ani how they’re looking forward to her gallery opening. Gina arrives and Lara runs off with Drew. Ani and Gina discuss her frustrations with John and Ani thanks Gina for allowing her to have the gallery party at her place.

    Owen finishes playing volleyball while Sami and Gina talk about her struggles with her father. When Van shows up, Sami’s shocked to learn he’s related to both Gina and Owen, while the cousins sit together a little awkwardly. Sami shares how she met Van and the guys go off to play volleyball while Gina finds Guya nearby, snuggling with Brandon. He takes off to surf and Guya admits she’s living in the moment and enjoying it. Gina’s happy for her and they giggle as they stare at him walking toward the surf.

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