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    Venice The Series CAST - Jamie Smith - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jamie Smith Played by Harrison White on Venice The Series Daytime Soap Opera.

    Harrison White

    Real Name: Harrison White


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    Venice The Series Season Four Episode Twelve.

    Wednesday, October 23 2013

    Back at Lara and Ani's, Jamie kisses his boyfriend who asks him to promise never to marry him unless he wants to.

    Back inside, Ani thinks the only reason Gina's there is because she hates losing. Gina says that's not true. She's willing to fall flat on her face again. Ani's puzzled by what she means about that. Gina promises she'll never have to be alone again. Ani grabs Gina and kisses her.

    Outside, Jake receives a text from Lara asking for help. Back inside, Lara's jaw drops as she finds Ani kissing Gina.

    Venice The Series Season Four Episode Eleven.

    Wednesday, October 16 2013

    Ani arrives home. Natasha leaves the room and Ani asks for a moment with Lara. Jake leaves and Ani makes Lara promise 'no more lies' and she has to go to AA. Lara says she already called her sponsor. She slips the engagement ring back on Ani's finger and Ani goes to get ready. She tells her brother she's glad he approves of her marrying Lara and is happy he's not trying to change her anymore. She turns to walk down the stairs and there's Gina, waiting for her!

    Venice The Series Season Four Episode Ten.

    Wednesday, October 09 2013

    Guya, Brandon, Richard, John, Sarah, Stella, Jamie and Drew wait impatiently at Malbec for Gina. Once she arrives, she says she's back. "Let's get drunk!" Guya and Stella call her out for not apologizing so she gives each of them an apology and Guya grins. There are hugs all around.

    Venice The Series Season Four Episode Seven.

    Wednesday, September 18 2013

    At the hospital, Guya receives a call from Brandon who he has a vague description of the car that hit Gina. The doctor tells the family Gina is stable but critical. She has sustained a few cracked ribs, a head injury and internal bleeding. She's lucky to be alive. Jamie rushes in after hearing. Alan calls and he's filled in. John can't pull it together so tells everyone else to go see Gina.

    Venice The Series Season Four Episode Five.

    Wednesday, September 04 2013

    At the restaurant, Gina arrives with the engagement ring for Ani. Jamie tries to stop her but she barges into the engagement party for Ani and Lara, unwittingly. Everyone falls silent and Gina is hurt. She calls herself stupid. Jake tries to smooth things over and decides to toast to love. Things are awkward. Katherine asks her to join them and Alan leans in and whispers to Logan to strike while the iron is hot. Lara tells Gina she and Ani are happy and getting married. She hopes she can be happy for her. Gina congratulates them and takes off. Ani attempts to go after her but Lara stops her. Jake sneers that Gina's old news. Ani goes and Jake orders Lara to stay put. Ani will be back. She's a people pleaser who has to fix things. When they're alone, Alan tells Jake that with Gina being this upset it'll make things easier for them. Jake can't wait to destroy Gina but saves the story behind his hatred of her for another day.

    Venice The Series Season Four Episode Three.

    Wednesday, August 21 2013

    At Malbec, Jamie leads Gina and Ani to a surprise engagement party thrown by Jake with plenty of champagne. Jake keeps a close eye on Lara as everyone toasts.

    Venice The Series Season Four Episode Two.

    Wednesday, August 14 2013

    Gina visits Jamie at his new restaurant. He presses her for details about seeing Ani last night. She says they just talked and she's not ready to love anyone now. She tears up. Later, she's gone and Lara shows up, proud to have her book deal back and says she's three weeks sober. Jamie's mind is blown but they wonder how Gina will handle the engagement news.

    Venice The Series Season Four Episode One.

    Wednesday, August 07 2013

    Everyone gathers for a memorial to Owen. Brandon arrives and assures Gina the police are on Sami's trail. Van comforts Guya as Ani and Lara arrive to give their condolences. John glances at Van while a devastated Gina snipes at Ani. Lara meets Logan, who smirks at Ani with Gina, and taunts Lara about her girlfriend staying by Gina's side. Guya flashes back to spending a wonderful family night with Owen and Gina, drinking and talking about pie. They leave a treat for him on a mantel. Jamie and Ani watch as Richard arrives with Sarah. Sarah is introduced and things are awkward. Gina pulls Richard aside to take him to task for the family reunion. She starts drinking.

    Jamie tries to comfort Gina outside her house and pressures her not to shut out those who love her.

    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Nine.

    Thursday, January 19 2012

    In a room at the service, Jamie, who has been hired to sing, and Drew talk about their relationship. Drew doesn’t want to rush things, but he is there and he wants to be. Jamie misses him when he's not. Drew encourages Jamie to get out there and sing his heart out. Afterwards they can go out and get to know each other. One step at a time. Jamie thinks it sounds perfect and they kiss.

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