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    Venice The Series CAST - Sami Nelson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sami Nelson Played by Gina Tognoni on Venice The Series Daytime Soap Opera.

    Gina Tognoni

    Birthday: November 28, 1973
    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Gina Tognoni
    Height: 5'7"


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    Venice The Series Episode Five.

    Wednesday, November 10 2010

    At the soup kitchen, Van and Sami discuss her book and how she’d love to take off on a plane somewhere new. He encourages her to do so and she in turn urges him to volunteer more often and then tells him she’s got a date and must go.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Four.

    Wednesday, November 03 2010

    In his kitchen, Owen and Sami discuss his pain in the ass father. She reminds him he’s the only dad he has and thinks he should lighten up. Owen disagrees. The Colonel has never approved of Gina’s sexuality and it made it hard on them all. They discuss work and Sami tells him about meeting (Van) a passionate man on the beach. Owen hands Sami a rhino toy which makes her burst into laughter. Gina calls and explains the Colonel has run off every nurse hired and the service is requesting double time tonight.

    Later, Van arrives at the soup kitchen and helps Sami do dishes. She’s happy to see him. He introduces himself and when asked where he calls home, he says home is wherever he lands.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Two.

    Monday, October 25 2010

    Sami and Owen wake up after a long night filled with sex. Owen realizes he has ten voice mails from Gina and when he calls her he’s astounded to learn his father has had a stroke.

    Owen and Sami sit on Gina’s patio where Gina explains that she was there when the stroke happened. Owen’s surprised and questions why she was at their father’s house at all. Gina makes light of it and Sami reminds Owen the important thing is that he’s alright. Gina lets them know he’ll require around the clock care so Sami offers to find them a nurse and takes off to the beach. As she leaves, a man watches. Back outside, Owen can tell Gina’s hiding something and wants to know what it is.

    Sami’s reading on the beach when a hyper man rushes over to retrieve a Frisbee. He comments on her reading material which is one of the best political autobiographies he has ever read. They discuss time spent in South Africa and learn they’ve both travelled a lot. Sami opens up about her time in Zambia and the Peace Corps and he confesses he’s an adrenaline junkie. She laughingly suggests he tone it down for safety and thinks he should help out at the same soup kitchen as her. When she brings up having a beau, the man takes his leave.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode One.

    Wednesday, September 29 2010

    In his apartment, Owen has decorated his place in an African motif. He lights candles before Sami arrives and when she does, she’s touched. They kiss and drink wine and discuss dinner. Sami tells a story about climbing a tree in Africa order to get photos of a hippo with her baby and how she had to make a run for it when the hippo stared her down. They start laughing and making out and the clothes come off as they get busy.

    Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Ten.

    Monday, February 22 2010

    Sami and Owen are outside at the loft. Sami asks if she should be afraid about meeting his sister. "Are you good with Pit bulls?" Owen asks, playfully, then tells Sami, who is a little nervous about meeting her that Gina’s a little overprotective but he’s sure Sami will charm her. Sami thinks it’s nice having somebody to care for him that much. Owen asks about her family but she tells him there’s not much to say. Gina interrupts, happy to meet Sami, and Jamie arrives with Gina’s martini and Gina mentions Sami’s trip to Africa. Sami discusses her trip and when Gina asks when she’s going back, Sami says she joined a group that’s starting a new free clinic in Venice. Gina finds that amusing and laughs. Sami goes to the restroom and Owen chastises Gina for the crack. He likes Sami and doesn’t want her to do this. Gina wonders if Sami’s too perfect and if she uncovers anything that will hurt him…Owen stops her in her tracks and tells her to let it go. Sami returns with a kiss for Owen. Gina watches, unsmiling.

    Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Six.

    Friday, February 12 2010

    It’s windy and cold. Owen and his blind date, Sami sit in the back of his SUV. Sami says she’s been in LA a month with her aunt, who was worried she hasn’t had much of a social life. Owen admits he was nervous about the blind date. Sami laughs and admits she had a bad encounter once, too. They’re glad they came and crack open some beer. Owen laughs and they share stories. Sami was with the Peace Corps in the past and it changed her life. She says they built a water filtration system and she worked at an AIDS vaccination center. Owen’s impressed. He’s interested in hearing more, but she tells him another time. He invites her to the beach for dinner.

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