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    Venice The Series CAST - Sami Nelson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sami Nelson Played by Gina Tognoni on Venice The Series Daytime Soap Opera.

    Gina Tognoni

    Birthday: November 28, 1973
    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Gina Tognoni
    Height: 5'7"


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    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Three.

    Thursday, December 08 2011

    The next morning, the bartender greets Owen in his shirt, at his place. She introduces herself as Adrienne and tells him about herself. She really liked sex with him but he already knew that. They kiss and on her way out, Sami turns up and watches Adrienne leave.

    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Two.

    Monday, December 05 2011

    At home, Sami looks at her photo with Owen, and grabs it, placing it face down.

    Venice The Series Season Three Epsiode One.

    Tuesday, November 22 2011

    Owen wakes up with Sami in his bed. "That was fun," they agree. He checks his phone and she assumes he’s checking messages for another woman. He apologizes and they start having sex. Later, Van helps Sami take boxes to her car. Owen can’t tell the truth about his life so why should she trust him? Van blames himself and brings up his bruised male ego. He didn’t mean to cross any lines with her with the kiss. She didn’t mean to lead him on. She values their friendship.

    Venice The Series Season Two Season Finale: Episode Twelve.

    Wednesday, December 29 2010

    Sami makes a phone call in the middle of the night to Owen. She doesn’t know what’s going on with him but loves him. Meanwhile, Owen’s having sex with a woman on his kitchen table.

    Sami heads to the beach where Van comes upon her and shares the news that Owen was fired from the film. Later, she bumps into Owen, asking where he’s been. He angrily confronts her about the kiss with Van and she laughs in his face and wonders how he could lie to her about the movie. They argue and she explains that Van kissed her, but that she pulled away. Owen’s apologetic but it doesn’t matter to Sami, who thinks they need a break.

    We see Owen sipping wine, at home, with a satisfied grin on his face.

    Venice The Series: Episode 11.

    Wednesday, December 22 2010

    Van’s at Sami’s place and can tell she’s upset. He urges her to unload on him. He tries to cheer her up and makes her laugh. He moves in and they share a kiss, but Sami pulls away. Owen comes in unseen as Sami apologizes and tells Van she loves Owen.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode 10.

    Wednesday, December 15 2010

    At his place, Owen invites Sami to the movies but Sami urges him to visit his father. Instead, he thinks they should invite Gina. Owen tells her that his dad was great when his mom was alive. He was very supportive of him but they both became invisible once she died. Sami assumes that’s how John dealt with his loss. Owen’s still got a lot of bitterness in him because of it.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Nine.

    Wednesday, December 08 2010

    Van spots Sami on the beach. He tells her he’s trying to decide whether or not to tell a friend a secret. Sami thinks honesty’s important. He thanks her for the advice and takes off.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Eight.

    Wednesday, December 01 2010

    Van listens in as Owen strolls the beach as he leaves Sami an apology on her voice mail about Van and invites her over. Van goes to Sami to apologize for yesterday. He says his arm’s feeling better. Sami apologizes for Owen’s behavior but Van says they’ve a history. He opens up about how his mother’s attention was given to Owen and Gina and he resented it and Owen. He defends his cousin. Later, Owen drops by with flowers and another apology. He’s not happy to hear Van stopped by. His cousin’s a snake. Sami says he came clean about torturing Owen as a kid but that doesn’t make Owen feel easier. Owen calls his cousin a player and doesn’t want to see her get hurt.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Seven.

    Wednesday, November 24 2010

    Jess, a co-worker of Michelle’s visiting on business from England, hangs out with Michelle, Jamie, Lara and Ani on the beach. Lara and Ani get amorous and then leave for snacks while Michelle giggles wildly at the cuteness factor. Gina arrives at the beach, happy to run into Richard, an old friend. They hug and she tells him she has a party to attend, so they agree to get together soon.

    Nearby, Jamie’s snuggling with Drew, the new love interest he met on Twitter. Everyone tells Ani how they’re looking forward to her gallery opening. Gina arrives and Lara runs off with Drew. Ani and Gina discuss her frustrations with John and Ani thanks Gina for allowing her to have the gallery party at her place.

    Owen finishes playing volleyball while Sami and Gina talk about her struggles with her father. When Van shows up, Sami’s shocked to learn he’s related to both Gina and Owen, while the cousins sit together a little awkwardly. Sami shares how she met Van and the guys go off to play volleyball while Gina finds Guya nearby, snuggling with Brandon. He takes off to surf and Guya admits she’s living in the moment and enjoying it. Gina’s happy for her and they giggle as they stare at him walking toward the surf.

    Nearby, Jess tells Jamie she’s in LA for a few weeks. Jamie gushes about how sweet Drew is and encourages Michelle to start dating. She’s not feeling adventurous. Jess tells a story about ending up in a tree after hang-gliding and Jamie becomes disinterested when he sees Brandon coming in from surfing. He wanders over to talk to him.

    At the beer table, Ani, Michelle, Jamie and Gina munch and drink beer. Van accidentally gets hit hard by Owen’s ball and runs off in pain, causing Sami to smack Owen and accuse him of hitting his cousin hard on purpose. At the table, Gina thanks Lara for making Ani so happy and warns that if she hurts Ani, she’ll answer to her. Van finds Guya outside at her beach house which is in the vicinity. She warns him not to get close to Sami, considering she’s dating Owen. Van’s hurt and blasts her for her lack of trust. He’s not the same person he once was. Ever since Aunt Katie died, it’s been all about Owen and Gina and he’s feeling ignored.

    Gina walks back to her car and finds Richard still near his van. It’s been 20 years since they saw each other. Richard shares news about his family and she tells him that John had a stroke. They reminisce and Richard says he found teaching on a college campus all these years to be uninspiring. He’s been traveling the country in his van and has been divorced for 10 years. He asks about her love life. "Who’s the lucky guy?" She laughs and says she’s not seeing anybody and then takes off. He smiles as he watches her walk away.

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