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    Venice The Series CAST - Sami Nelson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sami Nelson Played by Gina Tognoni on Venice The Series Daytime Soap Opera.

    Gina Tognoni

    Birthday: November 28, 1973
    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Gina Tognoni
    Height: 5'7"


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    Venice The Series Season Four Episode Six.

    Wednesday, September 11 2013

    Van takes a call outside from what sounds like Sami. He tells her his mom’s boy toy is hot on her trail. He also tells her Adrienne took off. Van isn’t worried because she got a head start and Brandon isn’t too sharp.

    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Twelve.

    Wednesday, February 08 2012

    Adrienne and Owen meet at the bar for dinner and drinks. Van and Sami wander in and upon seeing Owen with Adrienne, Sami sighs. Van encourages her to have it out with him now. She takes him up on his idea and goes to Owen. She admits she was going to make a scene but has decided not to. Owen takes her aside to talk while Adrienne shakes her head at Van. Owen apologizes for lying to Sami. "You happy with that tramp?" Sami asks, and immediately apologizes for her outburst. He heads back to his table.

    At home, Sami discards outfit after outfit, trying to prepare to visit Owen in order to get him back. She realizes she's doing what she has done in the past and orders herself to get a grip. Her personality seems to change as she tells herself to get a grip. Her voice changes a little and she says there's no way she'll let Sami go down that road again. "Sorry Sami."

    Sami turns up on Owen's doorstep. She tells him he's what will make her happy. Meanwhile, John turns up outside with beer. Back inside, Owen's surprised. He invites her to talk over wine. As John gets into the elevator, Sami gets the scissors and stabs Owen. She leaves quietly and calmly while John enters the apartment and finds his son lying in a pool of blood. He calls for an ambulance frantically.

    Venice Season Three Episode Seven.

    Friday, January 06 2012

    Over drinks at Owen's, he thanks Adrienne for helping him find his way back. He invites her to Gina's party. She seems taken aback but recovers and decides to buy a new dress.

    Lara meets Sami at the bar and pauses when asked what she'd like to drink. She decides to celebrate with a vodka on the rocks but looks guilty.

    At the rooftop party, Jamie lets Michelle in. She asks him not to leave her alone but Alan has seen her so Jamie pushes her to go talk to him. Michelle says hello to Alan and Michelle's annoyed to see he's with one of Gina's old flames. Richard and Gina arrive and she sees Logan. Jamie hands her a drink just in time and she downs it. Richard gets her another and Alan teases her about two of her exes being at the party. Gina says it's more like three. Alan toasts to Gina and their collaboration while Michelle shakes her head. Ani takes a few photos and spots Logan. Nearby, Michelle asks about Gina and the photographer. Michelle rolls her eyes and goes to have her photo taken with Gina. Gina shares the news that while she'll oversee this project, Michelle is the designer. Michelle is flabbergasted, Jamie's jaw drops, and everyone toasts to Michelle. Alan's pissed and calls Gina tricky. To Michelle, he says he loves discovering new talent. Michelle doesn't know what to say and so she says nothing, but looks gratefully at Gina. Across the pool, Gina finds Logan. They share a cryptic conversation and Gina finds Van, who doesn't know where Guya is. Gina goes to Richard who is surprised by the toast. Ani meets Richard. They joke about how Richard has met the shortlist of people he likes. Logan interrupts, wanting to ask questions. Ani's claws come out and Guya interrupts. "Good God what fresh hell is this?" she spits when she sees Logan. She drags Gina away and starts asking questions about the night The Colonel had a stroke. She knows about the hooker. Gina freaks and tells her what happened. How did she know about it? "I told you. I see dead people," Guya whispers. Gina's shocked she got her aura back. Gina doesn't know the half of it.

    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Six.

    Wednesday, December 28 2011

    Lara sits at the bar as Sami enters. They start chitchatting and bond over their disdain of the Brognos.

    Owen finds Sami outside her apartment. He apologizes for the other day and asks if he can call her sometime. She brushes him off because she has to meet Van at the shelter. He warns her not to trust him because Van will hurt her. Gina is outraged and spits out that she saw "her" coming out of his apartment building. She tells him to back off and give her some space.

    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Four.

    Thursday, December 15 2011

    Sami paces her apartment, getting more upset by the moment for Owen's indiscretion. She cries on her bed, calling herself stupid and weak. She gets dolled up and heads to a bar - Nadines.

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