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    Venice The Series CAST - Lara Miller

    Full detailed profile on Lara Miller Played by Nadia Bjorlin on Venice The Series Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nadia Bjorlin
    Lara Miller

    Actor: Nadia Bjorlin

    Who played Lara Miller over the years

    Nadia Bjorlin (December 2009 - present)

    Useful information on Lara Miller

    * Children’s book author.
    * Romantic, gay woman.
    * Romantic with Ani Martin.


    Present Children's book author.
    Past Unknown


    Ani Martin


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    Wednesday, October 23 2013: Venice The Series Season Four Episode Twelve.

    Jake goes to Jamie and his boyfriend outside at the house to tell them there's a delay. 'Twice the brides, twice the delays'. He privately tells Alan he hopes this wedding has Gina throwing herself off a bridge. Katherine almost hears them discussing taking all of her money before Jake goes to check on the brides.

    Inside, Lara finishes preparing and drinks Jake's wine. Natasha walks in with the 'lesbian bible', Curves, before going to check on Ani. On the stairwell, Gina asks for five minutes of Ani's time. She knows it's bad timing. They discuss her spending the night outside Gina's house and how Gina pushed her away at the hospital. Gina didn't know what she was doing after her brother's death. She tears up and professes her love. She misses her and wants her. She needs her even though it scares her. She asks for a chance.

    Outside, Katherine chats up Logan and when she goes to take a call, Alan and Logan drink to 'happy endings' at Katherine's expense.

    Back at Lara and Ani's, Lara yells at Gina to stop it. It's too late for her. Ani says she feels safe with Lara. Jake walks up and tells Gina to get out. When Ani learns Gina's been with Logan, she calls her predictable. Gina claims it was meaningless but Ani says that's the problem. She goes upstairs with Lara and Jake follows. Gina's left crying.

    Back at Lara and Ani's, Jake encourages Lara to dry her tears. He sings, "We're having a wedding," as he dances her around. He kisses her on the mouth and leaves to give Ani a bracelet and a pep talk.

    In heaven, Katherine's dead husband tells Owen he has done all he can. It's time to get on with his own journey. Owen's almost ready as he watches his family on the monitor.

    Outside on the lawn at Lara and Ani's, the wedding begins. Gina interrupts with her family and tells Ani she's 'it'. She apologizes for the past and swears she'll be happy if this marriage is what Ani wants. She says she's loved her since the first moment she saw her and asks for a last chance. From heaven, Owen watches as Ani's pulled in two directions.

    Wednesday, October 16 2013: Venice The Series Season Four Episode Eleven.

    Lara drinks her vodka at home, missing Ani while Jamie and his crew prepare the house for the wedding. Natasha thinks Lara looks sad but she claims she's happy to be marrying the love of her life today. Jake arrives and dresses. He notes Lara's demeanor and demands to know what's wrong. She admits she and Ani fought last night and he blows his top. She tells him there'll be a wedding tonight. He cackles and kisses her head. Alan and Katherine arrive and a pissed off Jake updates him with what's going on. Upstairs, Natasha helps Lara dress and Jake returns, downing a glass of wine. He admits he can't find Ani.

    Ani arrives home. Natasha leaves the room and Ani asks for a moment with Lara. Jake leaves and Ani makes Lara promise 'no more lies' and she has to go to AA. Lara says she already called her sponsor. She slips the engagement ring back on Ani's finger and Ani goes to get ready. She tells her brother she's glad he approves of her marrying Lara and is happy he's not trying to change her anymore. She turns to walk down the stairs and there's Gina, waiting for her!

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