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    Venice The Series CAST - Owen Brogno - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Owen Brogno Played by Galen Gering on Venice The Series Daytime Soap Opera.

    Galen Gering

    Birthday: February 13, 1971
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Jenna Gering (Eloped to Vegas 01/03/2000)
    Real Name: Galen Gering
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Four.

    Wednesday, November 03 2010

    In his kitchen, Owen and Sami discuss his pain in the ass father. She reminds him he’s the only dad he has and thinks he should lighten up. Owen disagrees. The Colonel has never approved of Gina’s sexuality and it made it hard on them all. They discuss work and Sami tells him about meeting (Van) a passionate man on the beach. Owen hands Sami a rhino toy which makes her burst into laughter. Gina calls and explains the Colonel has run off every nurse hired and the service is requesting double time tonight.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Two.

    Monday, October 25 2010

    Sami and Owen wake up after a long night filled with sex. Owen realizes he has ten voice mails from Gina and when he calls her he’s astounded to learn his father has had a stroke.

    Owen and Sami sit on Gina’s patio where Gina explains that she was there when the stroke happened. Owen’s surprised and questions why she was at their father’s house at all. Gina makes light of it and Sami reminds Owen the important thing is that he’s alright. Gina lets them know he’ll require around the clock care so Sami offers to find them a nurse and takes off to the beach. As she leaves, a man watches. Back outside, Owen can tell Gina’s hiding something and wants to know what it is.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode One.

    Wednesday, September 29 2010

    In his apartment, Owen has decorated his place in an African motif. He lights candles before Sami arrives and when she does, she’s touched. They kiss and drink wine and discuss dinner. Sami tells a story about climbing a tree in Africa order to get photos of a hippo with her baby and how she had to make a run for it when the hippo stared her down. They start laughing and making out and the clothes come off as they get busy.

    Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Ten.

    Monday, March 01 2010

    At the loft, Jamie brings drinks to Michelle, Owen, Gina and Tracy. They all toast to Owen, who got the part in the film he had auditioned for. He tells them next week is the start of rehearsals and a wardrobe fitting. Michelle jokingly tells him not to forget about them when he becomes famous. The conversation halts when Ani and Lara sidle up to the table. Gina tells Ani she didn’t know she was back in town. Puzzled, Ani says she didn’t go anywhere and an awkward moment is made worse when Gina introduces herself to Lara but forgets to introduce Tracy, who throws her a look, before introducing herself. Lara asks if they’re celebrating something. Gina shares that her brother got a film and Lara congratulates him. After Ani and Lara say their goodbyes and head to their table, Tracy spins around, angrily and asks what that was. Gina doesn’t know what she means. Tracy tells her not to treat her like an idiot. The moment they came to the table, Gina pulled away from her. Why? Gina denies it and when Tracy wants to take a walk, Gina offers to go with her.

    Sami and Owen are outside at the loft. Sami asks if she should be afraid about meeting his sister. "Are you good with Pit bulls?" Owen asks, playfully, then tells Sami, who is a little nervous about meeting her that Gina’s a little overprotective but he’s sure Sami will charm her. Sami thinks it’s nice having somebody to care for him that much. Owen asks about her family but she tells him there’s not much to say. Gina interrupts, happy to meet Sami, and Jamie arrives with Gina’s martini and Gina mentions Sami’s trip to Africa. Sami discusses her trip and when Gina asks when she’s going back, Sami says she joined a group that’s starting a new free clinic in Venice. Gina finds that amusing and laughs. Sami goes to the restroom and Owen chastises Gina for the crack. He likes Sami and doesn’t want her to do this. Gina wonders if Sami’s too perfect and if she uncovers anything that will hurt him…Owen stops her in her tracks and tells her to let it go. Sami returns with a kiss for Owen. Gina watches, unsmiling.

    Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Nine.

    Wednesday, February 17 2010

    Guya makes coffee at Gina’s place. Owen’s still stirring on the sofa while Gina drinks a sugary caffeinated drink. Guya thinks she drunk dialed this guy she has been seeing, last night but can’t recall what happened. She reluctantly admits she’s not sure what the relationship is but he’s thirty. Owen says this is his cue to leave. He’s going surfing with Sami, but last night was epic. Gina’s got a walk through with a client anyway. Gina wonders what she’d do without Guya, who doesn’t think Gina ought to overanalyze everything.

    Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Eight.

    Tuesday, February 16 2010

    Guya, Owen and Gina are at her place drinking in front of the fire. They've missed their sleepovers. Guya brings up the last meeting and says their mother would have been mortified. Her relationship with her sister was like theirs is and her mother would be proud of them. Owen pours another martini and Gina talks about her date with smart and beautiful Tracy. Gina’s face falls when Guya asks how Ani fits in. Gina’s confused. After what Logan did… she trails off. Nobody is happy to hear about Logan but Gina wonders if she’s making a mistake by letting Ani go. Guya encourages her to either let her go if it’s not working for her or give it time. Owen says he ran into Uncle Dan today. Guya asks if ‘she’ was with him. Owen says she was and they have a laugh at her breasts that Guya claims she paid for. Guya reports that she had dinner with Shannon, Sami’s aunt. Owen likes her and thinks Gina would, too. Guya starts sniffing the air, sensing something coming on.

    Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Six.

    Friday, February 12 2010

    It’s windy and cold. Owen and his blind date, Sami sit in the back of his SUV. Sami says she’s been in LA a month with her aunt, who was worried she hasn’t had much of a social life. Owen admits he was nervous about the blind date. Sami laughs and admits she had a bad encounter once, too. They’re glad they came and crack open some beer. Owen laughs and they share stories. Sami was with the Peace Corps in the past and it changed her life. She says they built a water filtration system and she worked at an AIDS vaccination center. Owen’s impressed. He’s interested in hearing more, but she tells him another time. He invites her to the beach for dinner.

    Later, Owen and Gina wind up on John’s doorstep, bummed out that they’ve got to be there. They discuss their dates and Owen admits his date went well. They’re going out again, tonight. Guya greets them, saying it’s a special day. She hugs them and admits she’s even wearing panties! They go in and greet John and give him a bottle. John sees a tube of lipstick on the table and puts it in his pocket while Owen and Gina discuss their jobs. Owen’s happy to have booked a job in New York. Guya’s proud of them. John starts in on Owen’s job and Gina stands up for him and goes off on him. She reminds him she’s still gay and had an amazing date last night. John reminds her she was brought up Catholic, hurting Gina and causing Guya to stand up for Gina, who starts yelling at John. She doesn’t want to participate in this war with him. If he thinks she’s been a disappointment to him, she tells him he has no idea what he has been to her. Owen thinks it’s time to leave and they barge out of there, both hurt and angry.

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