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    Venice The Series CAST - Owen Brogno

    Full detailed profile on Owen Brogno Played by Galen Gering on Venice The Series Daytime Soap Opera.

    Galen Gering
    Owen Brogno

    Actor: Galen Gering

    Who played Owen Brogno over the years

    Galen Gering (December 2009 - present)

    Useful information on Owen Brogno

    * Owen Brogno is Gina’s younger brother.
    * He's a fun, flirtatious bartender.
    * Acting aspirations.
    * Finds it hard to trust.
    * Gina guides him.


    Present: Bartender
    Past: Unknown


    Gina Brogno (sister)


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    Wednesday, October 23 2013: Venice The Series Season Four Episode Twelve.

    Guya is at home when she is finally able to bring Owen's ghost to her. She's so happy. He knows she's been trying to get to him. He knows she heard Gina saw him on the other side. It was hard to let her go but she needs Gina more than he does. Guya wonders what that means. He can't say but once things are resolved, he says he'll move on - to the set of a Hitchcock movie. He jokes that Hitchcock says he plays dead really well. They say I love yous and Owen says whatever happens, it's not her fault. "Find Tina!" Guya cries.

    Wednesday, October 02 2013: Venice The Series Season Four Episode Nine.

    At home Gina thinks about Owen and suddenly he is with her. He is worried about how things are going, but she can’t hear him. Crying, it seems like she senses him before he is gone.

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