Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Eleven.

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Gina and Tracy discuss a future, Gina and Ani discuss their friendship and John shares a secret with Gina that will change their lives forever.

Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Eleven. image

While sitting at the beach, Tracy lets Gina know that Alan offered her a position in the L.A. office. She’s considering it, saying she leaves for London in the morning and will decide then. When Gina wonders if she’d consider moving there permanently, Tracy says it depends. When they’re together, it’s wonderful but Gina tends to close walls around her. She’s also not sure what’s going on with Gina and Ani. Gina says she and Ani have so much history, but when Gina and Tracy are together, she loves it. Tracy interrupts, yelling, "Do you hear yourself?" Who hurt her so badly that has caused her to run from bed to bed? Gina grimaces and says this is really hard for her. Tracy swears. It’s no picnic in the park for her, either and she doesn’t want to be another statistic. Gina breaks down and cries. Tracy has no idea of how much she cares for her. Tracy puts her cards on the table. She’s falling in love with Gina and wants to see where this can go. She won’t do it with a third party. Gina needs to choose between her and Ani. Gina’s afraid, so Tracy says she’d like to move ahead and gets up to leave. Tears stream down her face as she reminds Gina her plane leaves in the morning.


Gina meets with Ani, in her apartment. Gina says they need to talk and Ani agrees, they’ve needed to do so for a while. Gina admits this isn’t her strong point and they both admit seeing the other with another gal was difficult and that they’ve got to stop doing this. Gina reminds Ani that they were friends first and she’d like to remain friends. Ani knows, acknowledging it was she who pushed for more. Ani can’t be Gina’s friend right now. She’s dating somebody she could actually like and it’s obvious that Gina is, too. They agree they can’t just be each other’s friend and while Gina says it’s not that easy, Ani says it is. They need to get off the roller coaster. Both of their eyes are brimming with unshed tears and Gina finally says, "Fine…fine."


Later, it’s late, and Gina angrily swears while playing poker on her laptop in the kitchen. Somebody calls and she swears before grabbing her keys and heading out, annoyed.


Gina arrives at her father, John’s house. He looks pale. When she asks what’s going on, he can only stammer and say he didn’t know what to do. He takes her to his garage. He opens the door and Gina sees a woman’s body covered from head to toe in a red blanket. There’s a handcuff still on the woman’s right hand. Gina’s face falls and she stares at John, who looks to still be in shock.

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