Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Ten.

Monday, March 1st, 2010

A surprise meeting has everyone feeling uncomfortable, and two players become passionate.

Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Ten. image

At the loft, Jamie brings drinks to Michelle, Owen, Gina and Tracy. They all toast to Owen, who got the part in the film he had auditioned for. He tells them next week is the start of rehearsals and a wardrobe fitting. Michelle jokingly tells him not to forget about them when he becomes famous. The conversation halts when Ani and Lara sidle up to the table. Gina tells Ani she didn’t know she was back in town. Puzzled, Ani says she didn’t go anywhere and an awkward moment is made worse when Gina introduces herself to Lara but forgets to introduce Tracy, who throws her a look, before introducing herself. Lara asks if they’re celebrating something. Gina shares that her brother got a film and Lara congratulates him. After Ani and Lara say their goodbyes and head to their table, Tracy spins around, angrily and asks what that was. Gina doesn’t know what she means. Tracy tells her not to treat her like an idiot. The moment they came to the table, Gina pulled away from her. Why? Gina denies it and when Tracy wants to take a walk, Gina offers to go with her.


At a table nearby, Lara and Ani watch Gina and Tracy leave. It’s uncomfortable and Ani explains Gina is the infamous ex. Lara asks if she’s sure she’s an ex. Things felt weird. "Maybe a little unresolved?" Ani skirts the question but says it looks like Gina has moved on to Tracy. Lara says she’s not one of those girls who needs a commitment after a few days but if she’s got left over angst for an ex, she needs to know before they sleep together. “As much fun as a threesome is, I don’t want one in my bed," she says, metaphorically speaking. Ani gives Cliff Notes. Ani was in love with her. They were together over a year and when she moved away for work, Gina couldn’t handle the long distance thing. They recently split and she has had a few dates but her heart wasn’t into it until now. "I really like you," she admits, and confesses that seeing Gina with somebody else was like a stake through her heart, but she doesn’t want to get back together with her. Lara thanks her for her honesty. They agree to get back to their date but Lara says she’s not bringing her home tonight! They flirt and Ani says, "We’ll see?" They both laugh.


In a darkened hallway, up against a wall, Tracy and Gina make out passionately. They slide down the wall...

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