Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Ten.

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Ani and Lara go on their first date, Gina meets Sami.

Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Ten. image

Lara has used connections to get into a fancy restaurant with Ani. Ani wonders what made Lara start writing children’s books so Lara says because of growing up in a dysfunctional home she loved escaping in books. Her favorite book is ‘Goodnight Moon’. Her mom used to read it to her each night. Ani loves that one as well and digs for more information about Lara’s family. Lara says one too many cocktails kicked things into high gear. Her dad’s an alcoholic. Ani is sorry to hear that and says she fell in love with photography as a child. She’s surprised when Lara admits that the John and Yoko Rolling Stone cover is hanging in her office. Ani loves that photo. Lara liked Paul, not John, she says, before talk turns to her family. Her younger sister’s a model and her older sister is a journalist. Her parents reside in Florida. Ani shares that she has two brothers who beat her up on a daily basis and tried to scare off her dates. Her older brother’s not happy about her being gay but her younger brother thinks it’s cool, while her parents are fine with it. Lara’s uncle is gay, so nobody had an issue with it. They grin wildly at each other and decide to stay for desert.


Sami and Owen are outside at the loft. Sami asks if she should be afraid about meeting his sister. "Are you good with Pit bulls?" Owen asks, playfully, then tells Sami, who is a little nervous about meeting her that Gina’s a little overprotective but he’s sure Sami will charm her. Sami thinks it’s nice having somebody to care for him that much. Owen asks about her family but she tells him there’s not much to say. Gina interrupts, happy to meet Sami, and Jamie arrives with Gina’s martini and Gina mentions Sami’s trip to Africa. Sami discusses her trip and when Gina asks when she’s going back, Sami says she joined a group that’s starting a new free clinic in Venice. Gina finds that amusing and laughs. Sami goes to the restroom and Owen chastises Gina for the crack. He likes Sami and doesn’t want her to do this. Gina wonders if Sami’s too perfect and if she uncovers anything that will hurt him…Owen stops her in her tracks and tells her to let it go. Sami returns with a kiss for Owen. Gina watches, unsmiling.


Lara and Ani walk hand in hand to Ani’s house. Lara says this is the awkward part where they decide to kiss. She leans in and they start making out. Afterwards, they make plans to see one another soon and Lara departs.

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