Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Nine.

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Ani meets somebody new, and it's the morning after the sleepover for Gina, Owen and Guya.

Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Nine. image

Ani is annoyed by a call she was on. She holds her dry cleaning and says this day sucks already. She walks into a café, and bumps into a girl. Finally she sits and orders coffee. A beautiful woman sits next to her, on a computer. Ani can’t find her money and the woman offers to pay. Ani’s thankful and embarrassed. The woman tells her she should sit down and regroup. Ani apologizes for interrupting her work. The woman needs a break and introduces herself as Lara. Ani asks what she’s writing and Lara says she’s in the middle of a series about teens in a prep school. Ani asks if she’s talking about Prep Diaries. She noticed it on the bestseller series. Lara is intrigued and learns Ani’s single. Both agree that the morning’s looking up, but Ani’s got a photo shoot, so asks her out. Lara gives her her card.


Guya makes coffee at Gina’s place. Owen’s still stirring on the sofa while Gina drinks a sugary caffeinated drink. Guya thinks she drunk dialed this guy she has been seeing, last night but can’t recall what happened. She reluctantly admits she’s not sure what the relationship is but he’s thirty. Owen says this is his cue to leave. He’s going surfing with Sami, but last night was epic. Gina’s got a walk through with a client anyway. Gina wonders what she’d do without Guya, who doesn’t think Gina ought to overanalyze everything.

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