Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Eight.

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Gina gets the brush off from Ani, and there's a family sleepover at Gina's place.

Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Eight. image

Ani reads alone on a bench at Venice Beach. She’s interrupted from a call from Gina, wanting to check up on her and hear her voice. Ani says Gina’s got to let her go. After all, she has already made it clear that she doesn’t want a relationship with her. Gina was thinking of her and needed to hear her voice. Ani wonders what she gets in return. Gina has no answers and Ani says, "Can you tell me you’re not dating?" Gina never said that. Ani can’t let Gina keep hurting her. Gina wonders why it has to be all or nothing and says she’s here if she needs her. Ani feels like she lost her all over again and hangs up, sadly.


Gina finds Alan with Tracy at The Loft. Jamie brings Gina a martini and Alan says the London team loves her initial designs. She whips out the linen and bamboo samples. Tracy and Alan approve and there’s lots of sexual innuendo between Tracy and Gina.


Guya, Owen and Gina are at her place drinking in front of the fire. They've missed their sleepovers. Guya brings up the last meeting and says their mother would have been mortified. Her relationship with her sister was like theirs is and her mother would be proud of them. Owen pours another martini and Gina talks about her date with smart and beautiful Tracy. Gina’s face falls when Guya asks how Ani fits in. Gina’s confused. After what Logan did… she trails off. Nobody is happy to hear about Logan but Gina wonders if she’s making a mistake by letting Ani go. Guya encourages her to either let her go if it’s not working for her or give it time. Owen says he ran into Uncle Dan today. Guya asks if ‘she’ was with him. Owen says she was and they have a laugh at her breasts that Guya claims she paid for. Guya reports that she had dinner with Shannon, Sami’s aunt. Owen likes her and thinks Gina would, too. Guya starts sniffing the air, sensing something coming on.

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