Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Seven.

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Gina goes to Ani for comfort, Gina thinks Michelle needs a life beyond work, and Ani lets go of Gina.

Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Seven. image

It’s evening. Gina had called Ani to the beach to talk. She says she told her father off and years of anger rolled off of her. Ani’s sorry and wonders if this is a good thing. Maybe she can stop trying to impress him. Gina says he’s still her father. Ani thinks she’ll never be able to have a relationship with somebody else until she fixes this. Ani wants to hold her and take her home, but can’t. Gina wants to be held, so Ani holds her.


The next morning, Michelle and Gina sit outside the office discussing how Alan and Tracy will be seeing them for drinks at six. Michelle has her portfolio ready. She worked on it last night. Gina thinks Michelle needs to get a life but Michelle doesn’t need a man, she counters. Talk turns to Gina’s love life and she says Tracy’s intriguing and she loves Ani, but isn’t sure she’s in love with her. Michelle thinks you put those feelings somewhere else and move on. It’s the most selfless thing.


Gina visits Ani on a photo shoot on Venice Beach. Ani thought they should clear the air about the sleep over and the phone call that came when she needed something. Ani is a big girl and says it felt weird feeling so connected to her. Gina’s sorry. Ani understands her but is about to do something she should have done for the past year. She’s going to get a life and wishes Gina wouldn’t call. Ani takes a photo of them together, gives Gina a kiss and leaves Gina on the park bench, alone.

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