Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Six.

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Owen's blind date with Sami goes well, but the dinner party at The Colonial's house ends badly.

Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Six. image

It’s windy and cold. Owen and his blind date, Sami sit in the back of his SUV. Sami says she’s been in LA a month with her aunt, who was worried she hasn’t had much of a social life. Owen admits he was nervous about the blind date. Sami laughs and admits she had a bad encounter once, too. They’re glad they came and crack open some beer. Owen laughs and they share stories. Sami was with the Peace Corps in the past and it changed her life. She says they built a water filtration system and she worked at an AIDS vaccination center. Owen’s impressed. He’s interested in hearing more, but she tells him another time. He invites her to the beach for dinner.


Later, Owen and Gina wind up on John’s doorstep, bummed out that they’ve got to be there. They discuss their dates and Owen admits his date went well. They’re going out again, tonight. Guya greets them, saying it’s a special day. She hugs them and admits she’s even wearing panties! They go in and greet John and give him a bottle. John sees a tube of lipstick on the table and puts it in his pocket while Owen and Gina discuss their jobs. Owen’s happy to have booked a job in New York. Guya’s proud of them. John starts in on Owen’s job and Gina stands up for him and goes off on him. She reminds him she’s still gay and had an amazing date last night. John reminds her she was brought up Catholic, hurting Gina and causing Guya to stand up for Gina, who starts yelling at John. She doesn’t want to participate in this war with him. If he thinks she’s been a disappointment to him, she tells him he has no idea what he has been to her. Owen thinks it’s time to leave and they barge out of there, both hurt and angry.

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