Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Five.

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Owen tells his sister about a blind date he's about to go on, Gina and Tracy have a picnic and get to know one another better.

Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Five. image

Owen’s working out while Gina’s text messaging on her cell phone. He says he’s going on a blind date that Aunt Jane set him up with. Gina says that could end up badly, with one of Guya’s granola munching minions. They’re going hiking, says Owen, who is stressed out about it. Maybe she’ll be hot. Gina’s stressed too. She’s got a date with Tray tonight. She didn’t stay over last night, complains Gina. Owen considers Gina must like her. "She gets me tongue tied," admits Gina. They’re interrupted when the Colonel John calls to invite them to lunch. Owen’s angry to have to go along, hating the way The Colonel treats her. They make a bet on how quickly John bothers Owen about his acting. Talk turns back to Tracy, who wants romance. Gina needs suggestions.


Later, on the beach, Gina and Tracy set up a picnic blanket with wine, proving Gina can be romantic. She admits she doesn’t date much. Tracy calls that dinner and bed and asks what Gina likes to do when she’s not working. Gina likes to work. The fact that her phone isn’t nearby right now is saying a lot. She admits she loves to travel, especially to Italy. Tracy’s never been. She loves Thailand beaches, which are gorgeous, she shares. Gina feeds her grapes and Tracy shares a little about herself, saying she did all she could not to be alone, just like Gina. Parties, bars, one night stands… anything to hide the fact that she was unhappy. Gina counters that the one-night stand thing doesn’t sound so bad. Tracy calls herself a work in progress. Gina offers Tracy sour gummies, saying she remembered Tracy liked them. Tracy's surprised and thinks it's all very romantic when Gina admits she remembers the exact outfit she had on the day they met.

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