Venice The Series: Season One, Episode Four.

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Gina and Owen pay their father and aunt a visit.

Venice The Series: Season One, Episode Four. image

Gina’s at home, playing online Poker, smiling and laughing. She wins and screams, "Wooh, you’re mine!"


John, Gina and Owen’s father, end a call on a bad note as Guya (Aunt Jane) comes down the stairs. She found the papers he was looking for on the place in Napa. She hopes he’s not planning on getting rid of them. Her sister loved the ranch and his kids might object. He comments he never sees the kids and Guya reminds him he never attempts to. John’s sure they’re not interested. Guya tells him to get his act together. He has amazing kids and thinks if he gets rid of the BS, he can have a relationship with them. John says Owen’s an out of work actor and Gina’s gay. Guya is disgusted with him for being so closed minded. She asks him to put his closed off mind away for one meal and get to know them. John doesn’t get why she’s a lesbian, considering how beautiful and talented she is. Guya is astounded. "And a lesbian can’t be beautiful and talented?" She thinks he sounds like her damned grandfather. He should accept her for who she is because she’s his child. She issues an ultimatum. He asks them for dinner, or she will. "You owe it to Katie," Guya whispers.


At The Loft, Tracy can tell it’s been driving Gina nuts that they didn't have sex last night. Gina truthfully wasn’t sure if Tracy was gay. She wondered if she was a straight girl fooling around on the dance floor. Tracy says she's staying for the weekend, and hoping Gina will invite her over. Tracy kisses Gina and tells her to pick her up at seven.

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