Venice The Series: Season One, Episode Three.

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Gina makes a deal with Alan and checks out his lawyer, as Owen admits he might have a job in New York.

Venice The Series: Season One, Episode Three. image

At the office, Michelle stands by as Gina asks Alan what the downside would be of her redecorating his hotel. Gina says it seems to her that he wants her to take less than a profit margin than she’s willing to. Alan thinks she’s doing great but it’s more a question of dollars and cents. He has found two cheaper designers. Gina finds her bet fair for what he wants in London. "You get what you pay for," she reminds him and looks to Tracy, Alan's lawyer, and says she’s got the opportunity to decorate the new Parker, in Paris, who wants something hip and edgier. This turns Alan around. He thinks they can close a deal by this afternoon. Tracy will draw up the paperwork. Alan peers at his nails so Gina offers to take Alan to get a manicure. Before they leave, she and Tracy give each other a lingering glance. They’re both interested.


At home, Gina makes a martini and admits how tired of dining out she is. Owen loves her cooking and asks if she and Ani are getting back together. Gina muses that she loves Ani but she needs more than what Gina can give her. She sees herself as a great date but a lousy girlfriend. She wants to fall in love but without the pain that always seems to follow. Owen encourages her to let people in. Gina’s had enough and asks about his audition. Owen dances around, happily, saying he got a call back. He’s going to New York in three days. "Fingers crossed," says Owen, smiling. Gina adds, "And my toes," and they reminisce about their mother. Owen wishes he would have had more time with her. Gina gets a text and grins, telling Owen that it’s business but could take a delightful turn. Owen can’t believe how fast she works. He needs to take notes. Sarah won’t return his calls, he admits. He sent her flowers and thinks he really messed it up. He found a box of his crap on his doorstep today. Gina reminds him he did cheat! If he doesn’t make a commitment; he has to keep his pants zipped. Gina drinks up and says Sarah’s a keeper. Owen’s crap isn’t going to fly.


It’s the next morning and Gina meets Alan outside at The Loft. She raises an eyebrow when he opens a box containing boots for him, not his wife. They're silver lame with huge platform heels. He’s excited about them. She calls them fabulous and he says his wife wants him to get a new hobby. Gina takes off and Alan admires his boots.

Nearby, Jamie tells Owen that Sarah was there last night. Owen screwed that up and is trying to let it go, he says. Jamie suggests it wasn’t meant to be. They laugh and Jamie thinks Owen needs to get out of town. Gina comes by and asks how the rat race is going. Jamie says the rats are winning, prompting Gina to surmise he needs sex. She receives a text from Tracy, the lawyer, who waltzes up. They greet each other with a hug and Owen is introduced.

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