Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Two.

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Gina and Michelle are busy at work, while Guya does a Tarot reading.

Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Two. image

Michelle hands a male assistant paperwork to file before Gina arrives at work to look at her call list. Scott Dean called, making Gina spew a few choice words about him. Michelle gets Jean Pierre on the phone for her and she greets him in French.


A maid allows Guya entrance into Katherine’s house, surprising Katherine. Guya sniffs around Katherine’s glamorous home and gives her directions as to where to place a plant. She sniffs around some more, takes a seat and asks if Katherine minds if she lights incense. She takes a deck of Tarot cards out, and Katherine nods when Guya asks if she wants her cards read. Guya starts off by saying that Katherine has suffered a great loss recently. Katherine confirms that her husband died. Guya says there’s unfinished business, angst and heartache. Though it’s a cliché, Katherine admits that’d be the secretary. They discuss Katherine’s dog and a trip, and a new love in her future. Guya gets in close, sniffs Katherine. She seems to be taking in her aura. Katherine asks for more information about this lover and her face registers shock when she learns her new lover is female. Guya laughs maniacally.

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