Venice The Series: Series One, Episode One.

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Gina wakes up with old flame, Ani, after a night of sex, and Owen thinks she's asking for trouble.

Venice The Series: Series One, Episode One. image

Venice the series starts out with a beautiful panning view of the beach in the early morning, while it’s still dark.


Clothing is strewn through the bedroom of Gina, left from the night before. Gina and Ani have awoken and are making out. Gina reflects on how surprised she was to run into Ani. It’s been a while since they were together. Ani has been in town a few days but admits she wasn’t sure if she should call. Gina kisses her hungrily, as Ani questions what last night meant to her. Gina calls it fun. Pleasurable, and though she’s tempted by Ani, she has an early meeting. She jumps out of bed and takes a call on a sofa-chair, nearby. Ani follows her and sits behind her, snuggling, but Gina has work on the mind. Noticing this, Ani frowns, realizing last night meant nothing to Gina. Gina reminds her they’ve been down this road too many times. She can’t do it again and she can’t be what Ani needs her to be. Gina needs to shower and invites Ani, who can’t resist and reluctantly follows her to the bathroom.


Later, Gina and Ani are at an outdoor café near the windy beach where they meet with Ryan, the owner, who takes their order. They greet Owen, Gina’s brother. Ani’s got a photo shoot and can’t stay, so grabs their coffee while Owen wonders what his sister’s doing with Ani – again. Gina says they met at the Grill last night, and confesses she has never been able to get Ani out of her head. Owen thinks she’s asking for trouble and urges her to tread carefully. Ani returns with the coffee and gives Gina a kiss before heading off and Gina and Owen make plans to have dinner, later. She’ll cook.

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