Venice The Series: Season five episode one

Christine Fix

Monday, October 17th, 2016

Monday October 17: Gina crashes Ani and Lara's wedding, Lara's day goes from bad to worse, and Detective Brandon has huge news about a fugitive.

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The excitement has been growing since writer, co-creator, executive producer and star of the show, Crystal Chappell (Gina) informed fans that Venice the Series began taping last October, bringing back the majority of players we've grown to love over the last four seasons.

The first episode of season 5 was generously uploaded to YouTube for free, to tease viewers into purchasing the rest of Venice Season 5 on Vimeo on Demand for a very small fee, which is well worth it.

This season won't be recapping, though we'll be glued to Vimeo for each new episode. Instead, we encourage you to watch all seasons, some of which are free on YouTube or the official website. Enjoy what we feel is the best webseries to date.

Find out below what happened after Gina interrupted Ani and Lara's wedding, and find out what happened in closure as a shocker about Sami comes out, and more.

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- Christine Fix

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