Venice The Series Season Four Episode Twelve.

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

It's the day of Ani and Lara's wedding and Gina interrupts, while Owen returns to earth to help his sister.

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Jake goes to Jamie and his boyfriend outside at the house to tell them there's a delay. 'Twice the brides, twice the delays'. He privately tells Alan he hopes this wedding has Gina throwing herself off a bridge. Katherine almost hears them discussing taking all of her money before Jake goes to check on the brides.

Inside, Lara finishes preparing and drinks Jake's wine. Natasha walks in with the 'lesbian bible', Curves, before going to check on Ani. On the stairwell, Gina asks for five minutes of Ani's time. She knows it's bad timing. They discuss her spending the night outside Gina's house and how Gina pushed her away at the hospital. Gina didn't know what she was doing after her brother's death. She tears up and professes her love. She misses her and wants her. She needs her even though it scares her. She asks for a chance.

Outside, Katherine chats up Logan and when she goes to take a call, Alan and Logan drink to 'happy endings' at Katherine's expense.

Guya is at home when she is finally able to bring Owen's ghost to her. She's so happy. He knows she's been trying to get to him. He knows she heard Gina saw him on the other side. It was hard to let her go but she needs Gina more than he does. Guya wonders what that means. He can't say but once things are resolved, he says he'll move on - to the set of a Hitchcock movie. He jokes that Hitchcock says he plays dead really well. They say I love yous and Owen says whatever happens, it's not her fault. "Find Tina!" Guya cries.

Back at Lara and Ani's, Jamie kisses his boyfriend who asks him to promise never to marry him unless he wants to.

Back inside, Ani thinks the only reason Gina's there is because she hates losing. Gina says that's not true. She's willing to fall flat on her face again. Ani's puzzled by what she means about that. Gina promises she'll never have to be alone again. Ani grabs Gina and kisses her.

Outside, Jake receives a text from Lara asking for help. Back inside, Lara's jaw drops as she finds Ani kissing Gina.

At Stella's, Sarah, Richard, and John decide to go to help Gina get Ani back. Stella calls Guya to get her in on it.

Back at Lara and Ani's, Lara yells at Gina to stop it. It's too late for her. Ani says she feels safe with Lara. Jake walks up and tells Gina to get out. When Ani learns Gina's been with Logan, she calls her predictable. Gina claims it was meaningless but Ani says that's the problem. She goes upstairs with Lara and Jake follows. Gina's left crying.

Brandon grabs Van on the street. He knows he was at Owen's when he was killed. Van claims he tried to help him but when he heard footsteps he ran. Brandon yells that he'll keep his eye on him and angered, he takes off, leaving Van to weep.

Back at Lara and Ani's, Jake encourages Lara to dry her tears. He sings, "We're having a wedding," as he dances her around. He kisses her on the mouth and leaves to give Ani a bracelet and a pep talk.

Gina is on the beach with her eyes closed. She goes back to Owen but he tells her to go home. He asks her to let him fix the one thing he can. He tells her to go back to the wedding and give it one last shot. She opens her eyes to Richard, Guya, Sarah, and John who tell her to get her ass back to the wedding.

In heaven, Katherine's dead husband tells Owen he has done all he can. It's time to get on with his own journey. Owen's almost ready as he watches his family on the monitor.

Outside on the lawn at Lara and Ani's, the wedding begins. Gina interrupts with her family and tells Ani she's 'it'. She apologizes for the past and swears she'll be happy if this marriage is what Ani wants. She says she's loved her since the first moment she saw her and asks for a last chance. From heaven, Owen watches as Ani's pulled in two directions.

Christine's comments:

It's really sad just how desperate Lara is to marry Ani - so much so she doesn't want to face that Ani's obviously pulled in two directions. I guess it goes hand in hand with her dependence on alcohol. Gina made me tear up a few times with her profession of love but I wish there was mention of the letter. We were almost there at one point! It was a really nice surprise to see the return of Owen. Yet another mystery surrounds why he returned. Was he there just to help Gina find happiness with Ani? How wonderful was it to see John helping everyone to get Gina to the wedding when he was always so against Gina's homosexuality in the past. It's a shame this show isn't on television because there's a lot more story we can see that needs to be told. Jake's history, why he hates Gina so, and what's with him kissing Lara? I keep thinking he's into her because of her reaction to his kisses. Jake (Christian LeBlanc) has a way of lighting up any room he walks into. The only part I can't seem to get into is Brandon and Van's scenes. I think because I can't really tell how much Brandon loves Guya though it's obvious now that we can see he's basically letting Van off the hook for being an accessory to murder. I wonder if Owen's warning to Guya had something to do with that.

All in all, I enjoyed the season and hope you all had fun watching and reading's "Venice" recaps!

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- Christine Fix

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