Venice The Series Season Four Episode Eleven.

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Lara gets dressed for the wedding, unsure if there will be one, Brandon hears Sami's been caught, and Ani gets a surprise on her wedding day.

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Lara drinks her vodka at home, missing Ani while Jamie and his crew prepare the house for the wedding. Natasha thinks Lara looks sad but she claims she's happy to be marrying the love of her life today. Jake arrives and dresses. He notes Lara's demeanor and demands to know what's wrong. She admits she and Ani fought last night and he blows his top. She tells him there'll be a wedding tonight. He cackles and kisses her head. Alan and Katherine arrive and a pissed off Jake updates him with what's going on. Upstairs, Natasha helps Lara dress and Jake returns, downing a glass of wine. He admits he can't find Ani.

Ani sits outside Gina's in her car. Guya arrives and goes in for a drink. Gina says she saw Owen in heaven. Guya's happy. She has been trying to talk to him and asks if he has found peace. Gina says he's struggling and worried about her so Guya suggests if she finds happiness, Owen will be at peace. Outside, Sarah finds Ani and questions what she's doing there. Ani's been there all night and wanted to go in but decides to leave. Guya leaves and Sarah knocks. Gina acknowledges she's her daughter and lets her in. She's not sure where to start. She's a late bloomer. Sarah thinks time will be helpful and she confesses Ani was there earlier. She fills her in on Ani not answering when she asked if she was marrying Lara today and Gina exclaims, "WTF!" Sarah suggests they're so in love and it's a colossal waste of time that they're not together.

In his car, Brandon talks to another officer, Stewart, who nailed Sami. She said she worked alone. Brandon's glad Guya and her family can move on but his partner doesn't think he should be closing this case until he talks to Van. Brandon tells her to let it go so she tells him if he's happy, so is she. She doesn't look happy.

Brandon arrives home. Guya is burning sage. They hug and she tells him about Gina seeing Owen when she was unconscious. Guya wonders if Owen is with Katie and feels positive she'll be able to talk to them both. Brandon gets the martinis while she 'opens herself'.

Ani arrives home. Natasha leaves the room and Ani asks for a moment with Lara. Jake leaves and Ani makes Lara promise 'no more lies' and she has to go to AA. Lara says she already called her sponsor. She slips the engagement ring back on Ani's finger and Ani goes to get ready. She tells her brother she's glad he approves of her marrying Lara and is happy he's not trying to change her anymore. She turns to walk down the stairs and there's Gina, waiting for her!

Christine's Comments:

Even without Gina in the picture, neither Lara nor Ani is ready for any huge commitment let alone marriage. Lara's got enough issues of her own with the alcoholism and Ani sure adds to it by being such a constant in Gina's life. Ani should take a step back and ask herself what she really wants. Whenever times get tough she finds herself at Gina's. Huge red flag. If she wants Gina, she needs to leave Lara. Even if things with Gina don't work out, nobody deserves to be second place. Lara should consider really going to AA or therapy and I'm not really even sure she loves Ani considering she doesn't really seem to love herself very much. I almost want Gina to stay away from them both now that she's healthier than she's been. Speaking of which, it was nice to see the little scene with Sarah. I'm glad it wasn't overdone. Sarah's got a good head on her shoulders and Gina seems finally ready to have her daughter in her life in some capacity.

Jake once again is both scary and hilarious. I am still dying to know what the heck is going on with him!

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- Christine Fix

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