Venice The Series Season Four Episode Ten.

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Jake starts getting stressed about his venture with Alan, Lara and Ani get into it when Ani learns something shocking about her fiancée, and Gina gathers family together...

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Jake meets Alan at the bar, worried because Gina woke up but Alan says not to. They've Logan on their side. Jake says Katherine's not as dumb as she looks. They need her cash and Gina's business as a front in order to make this work.

Logan visits Katherine at home. She says Gina's up and she hears Logan still cares for her. Logan insists it's too late but Katherine encourages her.

Jake bumps into Lara on her way out of the house. He asks if she thinks someone's really going to believe she hit Gina by accident while she was arguing with her ex-lover. Lara wonders what the hell is going on with him. He asks about what's going on with Ani and she tells him she convinced his sister to marry her sooner. Jake seems happy with this and calls her a train wreck but he likes her and doesn't want Brogno anywhere near Ani.

Gina visits Stella at home. She can't recall why she and Ani were arguing when she was hit. Stella says to simply ask Ani but Gina can't. Lara's marrying Ani this weekend. She wonders how she can make things up to her family for the way she treated them.

Ani walks to her car to pick up her wedding dress when she flashes to arguing with Gina the day she was hit. She tells herself to stop it. She flashes to Lara's proposal and smiles. "What was I waiting for?"

Guya, Brandon, Richard, John, Sarah, Stella, Jamie and Drew wait impatiently at Malbec for Gina. Once she arrives, she says she's back. "Let's get drunk!" Guya and Stella call her out for not apologizing so she gives each of them an apology and Guya grins. There are hugs all around.

Ani arrives home to a romantic dinner with Lara. Ani brings up wanting to see Gina and Lara grimaces. Talk turns to how proud Ani is of Lara's sobriety. When Lara goes to get the food, Ani has something in her throat and attempts to drink Lara's water but it's vodka. Lara returns and Ani confronts her. She apologizes and they fight. Lara claims she can handle it and blames her for being so distracted by Gina. Lara pounds the table and Ani get scared. Lara apologizes. She'd never hurt her again. She sobs that she's sick and needs help. Ani can't do this. She takes off her ring and walks out.

Christine's comments:

It was good to see Gina apologize to her family for shutting them out. I'm sure they can forgive that pretty easily under the circumstances (Owen's death) but my heart broke for Ani and Lara. I think Ani was the only thing keeping Lara even the slightest bit sober. Now that she's gone, Lara may hit rock bottom. Not to mention, Jake's not going to be happy. I'm not sure what this'll mean for Ani and Gina down the line.

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- Christine Fix

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