Venice The Series Season Four Episode Nine.

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Lara and Ani move up the wedding date, Richard encourages Gina to let her loved ones in, and Gina just pushes everyone away.

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Gina wakes up in the hospital and moans for Ani and Sarah to leave her alone. Guya is devastated. Later, Ani calls Lara to fill her in and to let her know how amazing she has been. Lara encourages Ani to move up the wedding date because life is too short. Ani puts her off and hangs up.

At home, Lara grabs her head and fights back tears. She digs around until she finds a bottle and takes a big drink. Later, Ani comes home and Lara tells her they are getting married on Sunday. She knows it isn’t what they planned, but all that matters is they are finally getting married and assures her this has nothing to do with Gina. Ani agrees.

Richard visits the hospital as Gina packs up. He can’t believe after everyone’s vigil she is not going to say anything to anyone. He wants to at least drive her home but she refuses. She lost the woman she loves and her brother was stabbed to death. She just wants some space. She then tells him that she saw Owen. He told her she had to come back and finish her crap. Richard is speechless.

At home Gina thinks about Owen and suddenly he is with her. He is worried about how things are going, but she can’t hear him. Crying, it seems like she senses him before he is gone.

At Malbecs, Lara tells Jake the wedding is on Sunday. He is shocked but they agree to have a drink. Logan sees them and takes note.

Van brings Guya home and Brandon catches him on his way out. Brandon comments how much slack Guya and Gina gave Owen, who didn’t really do anything, but Van can't do anything right with his family. Brandon wonders if Van and Owen ever hung out. Van denies they were friends and admits he had been in Owen’s place only once to help Sami move. Brandon doesn’t buy it. Van flashes back to finding Owen dying on his carpet.

Logan visits Gina and pours them some wine. She tells her Ani and Lara are getting married on Sunday.

Lara and Ani make love at home.

At home, Guya looks through some pictures of her and Van with Brandon.

Van has a beer at home by himself.

Richard has a beer by his van alone until the Colonel and Sara show up.

Hollie's thoughts:

Not as good of an episode as we have been getting lately, but sometimes that is necessary to move things along. Gina is already out of the hospital and that couldn't have happened with long, drawn out bedside confessions - although we would have loved to see one between her and Ani.

I am so ready for Ani to grow a backbone and stand up to Lara. Isn't she sick of getting bossed around? That's exactly what Lara is doing - and why it was so satisfying to see Logan catch her buddied up with Jake and a drink. Logan is just the kind of person to do some serious damage with that information, and on top of that, I think Logan actually really loves Gina. Whatever plot she is mixed up in with Alan could be her way of lashing out from rejection, but something tells me Logan is about to go rogue.

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- Hollie Deese

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