Venice The Series Season Four Episode Eight.

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Owen tries convincing Gina to go back to earth, Logan gives Ani a piece of her mind, and Brandon gets a break in Owen's case.

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Owen hugs Gina when she arrives in heaven. She's excited to see him. Nothing has been the same since he... "Died," Owen finishes. He tells her he saw the accident and asks Teddy, the man he's with, if his sister's dead. There's no scroll or paperwork so it's still up to Gina. Owen shoves her and tells her to get the hell out of there. They argue and Teddy brings drinks and bonds with her. It turns out, Teddy's Katherine's dead husband! He and Gina agree Alan's an ass and Gina hopes Alan's not taking advantage of Katherine. Owen tries reverse psychology to get her to return to earth and tells her he gets to move on with the afterlife if she goes back. She finally agrees to go back and the siblings say a touching goodbye.

In the hospital, Gina's friends and family try to pull it together while outside, Logan finds Ani searching for her car. She realizes she didn't bring it. Logan wants to know if she's planning on leaving Lara for Gina. She hates spineless women like Ani and says she has selfish reasons for wanting Gina alive. She convinces Ani to get back inside. Ani does so and John reluctantly allows her to see Gina with Sarah at her side. Gina wakes up and tells them all to leave her alone.

In his office, Brandon holds his head and thinks about Owen's case. He does a search and finds out who Sami worked with.

At home, Lara mutters to herself about fighting for Ani as she drains all of her bottles into the sink.

Christine's thoughts:

Another well-written, well-acted episode. I was torn between laughing at the antics in heaven of Owen and Gina and crying at their tender goodbye. I'll miss their scenes. I wonder if that's the last we'll see of Owen. Thankfully, Brandon seems to have caught on to who helped Sami get away after she murdered Owen. Van's going down!

I wish we knew why it was so important for Logan to take Gina down. Fingers crossed next week we get a little more background on the take-down and on why Jake hates Gina so!

I can't believe Teddy is Katherine's dead husband! That really threw me. Nice surprise.

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- Christine Fix

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