Venice The Series Season Four Episode Seven.

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

It's the aftermath of Gina's accident, Jake finds Lara an alibi, and family gathers at Gina's side, while she pays someone dear a visit.

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Lara pulls over to the side of the road after running over Gina with her car and calls Jake. Crying, she tells him what happened. Since nobody saw her, Jake tells her to cross her fingers and hope that Gina dies! Brandon finds Ani still at the scene after Gina's taken to the hospital. He makes a call to Guya, telling her what happened and then takes Ani to the hospital. Lara leaves her car on the side of the road and Jake picks her up in his. She's in shock so he creates an alibi for her. They go to lunch, and he drives her to her appointment. She wants to be with Ani but he plants the seed that Ani may go back to Gina after this.

At home, John receives a call about Gina's accident. He stumbles over a chair and Sarah elects to drive him to the hospital.

From Heaven, Owen's distraught, watching everything happening to Gina on the monitor. This is a nightmare. He can't believe God would let this happen to his sister. He begs the man with him to let him go to her, but the man knits and says he can't. Owen's needed there for something incredibly important.

At the hospital, Guya receives a call from Brandon who he has a vague description of the car that hit Gina. The doctor tells the family Gina is stable but critical. She has sustained a few cracked ribs, a head injury and internal bleeding. She's lucky to be alive. Jamie rushes in after hearing. Alan calls and he's filled in. John can't pull it together so tells everyone else to go see Gina.

At Katherine's, Alan gets off the phone with Ani, and tells Katherine and Logan the news. He tells himself this will buy him some time.

Back in Heaven, Owen paces and yells about his father not going to Gina's side.

Back at the hospital, Guya visits an unconscious Gina and gives her words of support before breaking down sobbing. John refuses to let Ani in Gina's room, so she waits outside, distressed.

Brandon sees Van outside. They discuss Gina's accident and how soon it is after Owen's death. Van hopes Brandon's still working on Sami's case. He is. Van says finding his killer won't bring him back. Brandon says it's funny. His mom said the same thing...

Van arrives at the hospital. He and Guya watch as John psyches himself up to see Gina. Guya tells Van it's like Katie all over again. In Gina's room, John tells her to get on her feet and start bossing people around. She starts to code and he's shown the door.

From Heaven, Owen watches the screen and yells at Gina to hang in there. It's not her time. Suddenly, Gina turns up and calls to her brother.

Christine's thoughts:

Another amazing episode filled with great acting and wonderful writing. Jake pretty much has Lara under his thumb though I don't think she knows it yet. He's so deliciously bad! Everyone was upset about Gina except of course for Jake, Alan, and Logan. This will buy them time to scheme and... do what? It's so intriguing and sadly, "Venice" is only on once, weekly. Brandon can totally see through Van. I hope this means he's doing some wiretapping on Van's phone so we can catch Sami and lock the psycho up. Thankfully, Gina gets to talk with Owen one last time but after this, will Owen be seen again? Hopefully he will in some capacity.

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- Christine Fix

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