Venice The Series Season Four Episode Six.

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Guya has a gut feeling, Jake and Ani have similar tastes, Van gets a call, and Logan makes a decision.

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While Gina sleeps at home, a hand caresses her neck. It’s Logan. Gina wishes she had been drunk. Logan tells her she needs to get on with her life and get back to work. She asks Gina to think about them together. Later, Gina tells Logan they have no future. On her way out Logan takes a call from Alan. She tells him she’s in.

Gina calls Alan from her office. She’s ready to get back to work.

At home, Lara pours some whiskey in her coffee. She gets a call about a meeting and agrees to be there with new pages. Jake shows up and she ditches the booze. Ani comes in. Jake wants to pay for the reception and walk her down the aisle. Ani puts off wedding talk. Alone with Lara, Jake tells her they’ll plan the wedding and Ani won’t know what hit her. He pours some liquor in Lara’s coffee and tells her it will be their little secret. Later, Lara gets ready to leave and Jake offers to drive. He has very similar taste in women as his sister. She smiles and leaves.

Van takes a call outside from what sounds like Sami. He tells her his mom’s boy toy is hot on her trail. He also tells her Adrienne took off. Van isn’t worried because she got a head start and Brandon isn’t too sharp.

Richard and Sarah hit the beach. He suggests a road trip someday. She wants to get to know Gina better first. He warns her it won’t be easy but she isn’t afraid.

Ani runs into the Colonel on the street. She tells him she and Gina are over for good. He isn’t surprised she let Gina down again. She isn't sure where this is coming from considering Gina was the one who pushed her away. She tells him she is engaged to someone else. He accuses her of leading Gina on.

Guya leaves Gina a message. She got a feeling something was up and wanted to talk.

Driving, Lara is running late and looks down at her phone.

Ani confronts Gina on the street about the Colonel’s attitude. Gina tries to brush her off but Ani is insistent. Gina walks away and Lara plows her down. Lara keeps driving while Ani calls 911.

Guya feels punched in the gut when Gina is hit.

Hollie’s thoughts:

Whoa doggie – are we going to have a Jake/Ani/Lara triangle? Sure seems like it with all the sparks flying off Jake and Lara, but of course this could all be part of his master plan to get back at Gina, for whatever it is he’s mad at her about. It can’t have anything to do with Ani, because it is hard to believe he has any feelings for her that are any good. Of course now with Lara's drunken hit and run in the rental car he knows about, he could have the goods on her to control his next step in whatever his plan is. Odds are he's going to use Lara in some capacity to hurt Gina, but what? Maybe it's really Ani he is hoping to hurt in all of this. It would be nice to get a little more history about their past dynamic growing up and why he might hate his own sister. And how do Logan and Alan have anything to do with it? So intriguing!

And what about the letter? I was so sure going into today's episode the letter would be addressed, but no. Ack!

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- Hollie Deese

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