Venice The Series Season Four Episode Five.

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Gina gets a shock, Ani attempts an explanation, Sarah is filled in a little about Gina, and Owen is irritated in heaven.

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At the restaurant, Gina arrives with the engagement ring for Ani. Jamie tries to stop her but she barges into the engagement party for Ani and Lara, unwittingly. Everyone falls silent and Gina is hurt. She calls herself stupid. Jake tries to smooth things over and decides to toast to love. Things are awkward. Katherine asks her to join them and Alan leans in and whispers to Logan to strike while the iron is hot. Lara tells Gina she and Ani are happy and getting married. She hopes she can be happy for her. Gina congratulates them and takes off. Ani attempts to go after her but Lara stops her. Jake sneers that Gina's old news. Ani goes and Jake orders Lara to stay put. Ani will be back. She's a people pleaser who has to fix things. When they're alone, Alan tells Jake that with Gina being this upset it'll make things easier for them. Jake can't wait to destroy Gina but saves the story behind his hatred of her for another day.

In heaven, Owen drinks beer and rants. He can't bear to watch his sister on the monitor. She's been through enough. The man with him knits and tells him life is a bitch and then you die.

At home, Guya shows Van a photo of him with Owen. They reminisce and Brandon turns up. Van appears jealous that he still has to share his mother. Brandon asks him to let him know if he speaks with Sami. Van goes and Brandon and Guya argue about him taking Van aside to talk to him about Sami. Gina tries to get Brandon to close the investigation but he won't do that until he finds Sami and whoever helped her.

Sarah cooks for The Colonel and Richard at his place and they discuss how he wasn't father of the year. He believes Gina will open up sooner or later to Sarah but Gina's just stubborn. They tell Sarah that Gina took care of Owen and Guya took care of them all.

Ani follows Gina to the beach where she's fondling the ring. Ani wanted to tell her and says it happened the night Owen died. Gina wonders if it's because she didn't ask her to marry her. Ani says that'd never happen. Gina wouldn't even leave a toothbrush at her place. Gina takes that in and says it's for the best. She wants her to have a great life. "I can't see you anymore," she says.

At home, Gina drinks wine but it doesn't soothe her. Someone walks in. "It's you," she says.

Christine's commentary:

Special thanks to Hollie for writing last week's amazing "Venice" recap. One thing we were dishing about recently was how much we miss last season's theme song. What are your thoughts on that?

The fifth episode was yet another great one. Guya must know Van is no-good because she's trying everything she can to get Brandon to stop the investigation into Owen's murder - and she loved Owen. It's not going to stop him but could cause issues between them if he finds Van was involved. I think Adrienne was involved though, considering she took off, but was Van in on it at all? He did hate Owen.

I'm more intrigued than ever about Jake's hatred of Gina. How awkward was it when she walked in on that engagement party? I feel a little sorry for Gina but it's difficult to feel too bad considering Ani's right. Gina pushed her away at every turn so what did she expect, Ani to wait for her forever? Besides, asking for someone's hand in marriage after Owen's passing isn't healthy. She may just be grasping for some sense of stability in the face of tragedy.

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- Christine Fix

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