Venice The Series Season Four Episode Four.

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Brandon suspects Van, Owen is held up outside Heaven, and Gina wants to ask Ani a big question.

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Brandon joins his partner Dana in their car. They wonder how Sami could just disappear without a trace. They realize Sami had help and the murder was premeditated. Van’s fingerprints were at the murder scene and Brandon worries how this will affect Guya.

In heaven, Owen wonders where his lost loved ones are. The angel informs him he is still in reception. Owen hopes to see his mom and the angel promises him he will once he finishes the stacks of paperwork. After, Owen still can’t go in. Something happened and he’s going to be needed very soon.

Gina gets a drink at a bar and learns Adrienne quit. She thinks about her kiss with Ani, then, her argument with Van. Logan joins her and tells her people are saying she’s washed up and can’t cut it anymore. She assures Gina she’s only trying to help. Gina denounces their connection, but Logan reminds her of a hot tub encounter in Aspen they had that says otherwise. It took Gina a long time to get over Logan and she isn’t going back. Logan tells her to get over Ani already.

Ani pulls Jake aside at Malbec and chastises him for throwing the engagement party. Katherine arrives with Alan and they wonder if Gina knows. Jake offers Lara a drink. She tells him she quit and he laughs. Meanwhile, Jamie wants Ani to tell Gina about the engagement before someone else does. Lara overhears Ani say she doesn’t want to hurt Gina’s feelings and gets upset. Lara thinks she’s been pretty tolerant and wants Ani to go cold turkey with Gina like she did with alcohol. Ani assures her that from now on Gina has to take care of herself.

Gina asks the Colonel for her mom’s engagement ring at his place so she can propose to Ani. He doesn’t think she should do it. He wants her to propose to someone who loves her back - Ani never even acknowledged the letter. Gina thinks the letter was a coward’s move and now she is going to beg Ani for her hand. And if she says no, she tried. He gives her the ring.

Gina arrives at Malbec with the ring and is speechless when she realizes Ani is already engaged.

Hollie’s thoughts:

It's great that they have kept Owen around even in the afterlife, but now that he is being held up in reception I fear the worst for one of his loved ones back on earth. As for Gina, she truly has run hot and cold with Ani, but is she ever going to bring up the letter? It seems so out of character for Gina - who has no problem saying anything to anyone - to just let it slide. With Ani engaged, her brother dead, her career going downhill and Sarah still waiting in the wings for a reunion, Gina appears to be heading for an epic crisis.

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- Hollie Deese

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