Venice The Series Season Four Episode Three.

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Sami’s prints are found on the murder weapon, Jake wants to celebrate the engagement, and Adrienne leaves town.

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Ani’s brother Jake watches Lara throw out a liquor bottle, then knocks on her door. He wants to get to know Lara better. He never met Gina but heard enough to know she wasn’t right for Ani. Lara tells him they are engaged right before Ani arrives. Jake asks when the wedding is and Ani tells him not for a while as Lara says soon. He offers to get champagne to celebrate and Ani tells him Lara doesn’t drink. He offers to take them to Malbec instead for Shirley Temples. He leaves and Ani gives Lara flowers for working so hard on being sober. They kiss. Ani warns Lara that things aren’t always how they seem with Jake.

On the beach, Gina thinks of Ani, who had kissed her last night before pulling away. Richard interrupts and apologizes for pushing Sarah on her. Richard tells her they have a lot in common and she challenges him to name one. "For starters," he says, "she’s gay." Gina gets a call that the cops have information and she leaves.

Sarah asks the Colonel at his house what Owen was like. He talks about Owen’s acting hobby and she wonders if he considers her painting a hobby too. He does, if she isn’t making money. Colonel gets a call about the case and leaves.

Van and Adrienne argue on the street. He is glad she’s leaving, his last tie to Owen. She tells him to get a life and he thinks maybe now he can.

Guya tells Brandon at home that she knows Van’s been weird, but she doesn’t know what she would do without him. Gina and the Colonel show up and Guya tells them Sami’s prints were on the murder weapon. They are getting an arrest warrant. She encourages Brandon to lock Sami up so it can be the end of the story. He doesn’t look so sure. Later, Van joins Gina. He wants her to go off on him for being a jerk to Owen. They are stuck with the choices they make, for better or worse, for life. She agrees.

At Malbec, Jamie leads Gina and Ani to a surprise engagement party thrown by Jake with plenty of champagne. Jake keeps a close eye on Lara as everyone toasts.

Hollie’s thoughts:

I was genuinely shocked that Sarah was gay, and it will be great to see more of her character development as she gets more involved with the Brogno clan. Can’t help but shake the suspicion there is more to her arrival than simple get-to-know-the-folks business, although her reasoning can’t be any more nefarious than Jake’s. He's creepy, sure, but it is so great to see someone stir Lara's pot, especially now that he knows she is hiding her drinking from his sister. Champagne all around! Pretty sure Ani's best intentions have nothing to do with why he's in Venice.

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- Hollie Deese

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