Venice The Series Season Four Episode Two.

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Gina enlists Ani's help, Lara has a secret, and Guya's frustration over what she perceives are issues with her ability.

Ani arrives home after staying with Gina all night. She slips on her engagement ring and goes inside. Lara greets her jealously. Ani explains it was an innocent gesture of friendship. Lara's pained but knows Ani was being a good friend. She leaves upset.

Gina visits Jamie at his new restaurant. He presses her for details about seeing Ani last night. She says they just talked and she's not ready to love anyone now. She tears up. Later, she's gone and Lara shows up, proud to have her book deal back and says she's three weeks sober. Jamie's mind is blown but they wonder how Gina will handle the engagement news.

From the beach, Richard calls Sarah. He'd like her to meet someone...

Gina goes back to work and has a fit when a design order appears messed up. Alan steps in. "Oooh trouble?" Ani arrives, removes her rock, and walks in as Alan's trying to lend Gina one of his assistants until Michelle returns from Tuscany. Ani accepts on Gina's behalf.

Guya's frustrated at home with her tarot cards and her sudden inability to 'see'. Brandon considers it's too painful for her now. Katherine arrives for a reading. Guya sniffs her and reads her cards. They talk about Alan and the cards reveal 'duplicity'. Someone's not revealing their true feelings. Katherine assumes it's her.

Richard arrives at John's to check up on him. John feels guilt over what he has done to his kids. Richard lifts his spirits with news that he's a grandfather and gets a big hug for his effort. John's thrilled and looking forward to getting to know her. They call her over and convince her to stay for coffee.

Alan meets Ani's shady brother Jake at a bar. They guzzle the booze and Alan talks about Jake's hatred for Gina and reveals Ani unwittingly helped get them an in at Gina's business. They discuss plans to launder money with Jake's connection in the Caymans and share a laugh over unsuspecting Katherine.

Brandon, Gina, and Ani arrive at Owen's place to clean it out. It's emotionally exhausting for Gina.

Jake spots Lara nervously throwing something in the dumpster outside her home. Once she's back inside, he finds an empty bottle in the trash.

Christine's commentary:

Everyone's feeling the loss of Owen. His presence was missed in this episode. Richard perked John up with news of gaining a granddaughter. I wonder if John will be the one to change Gina's view on getting to know Sarah. I felt for Lara especially since skeevy Jake knows she's not sober. Why does Jake hate Gina?

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- Christine Fix

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