Venice The Series Season Four Episode One.

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Family is beside themselves with grief, someone has a heavenly experience, and the cops search for Sami.

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John finds Owen dead on the floor of his apartment after being stabbed by Sami. John calls the cops and Brandon shows up.

Gina kisses Stella in her house. Stella thinks she's trying to convince herself she's over Ani. Gina isn't over Ani and scoffs that Ani's obviously not interested considering she hasn't responded to her love letter.

At home, Ani accepts Lara's marriage proposal. The couple kisses and weeps happily in each other's arms.

Beside himself, John calls Gina's and learns she's already left for Owen's. Gina walks in and crumples at the sight of Owen's body being zipped into a body bag. John makes a few more calls to friends and family.

Brandon, John, and Gina make their way to Guya's patio where she and Katherine are chatting. By the look on their faces, Guya can see something is terribly wrong.

Later, Ani pounds on Gina's door with support, but Gina pushes her away.

Everyone gathers for a memorial to Owen. Brandon arrives and assures Gina the police are on Sami's trail. Van comforts Guya as Ani and Lara arrive to give their condolences. John glances at Van while a devastated Gina snipes at Ani. Lara meets Logan, who smirks at Ani with Gina, and taunts Lara about her girlfriend staying by Gina's side. Guya flashes back to spending a wonderful family night with Owen and Gina, drinking and talking about pie. They leave a treat for him on a mantel. Jamie and Ani watch as Richard arrives with Sarah. Sarah is introduced and things are awkward. Gina pulls Richard aside to take him to task for the family reunion. She starts drinking.

Owen sits in an office in heaven and reads a 'welcome to heaven' pamphlet. A man opens a scroll and attempts to find the right paperwork while joking that Owen's handsome enough to be in soaps. Back at the memorial, Guya shivers as she notices the food she and Gina left for Owen is gone. Owen watches on a television screen from heaven and asks if he can go home. He can either go on to the afterlife or return to earth in another body. Owen asks about hell and the man laughs. It's just a scare tactic.

At home, Katherine tells Alan she never thought she'd be happy after Teddy. They kiss and Alan makes a private and mysterious call to Ani's coke-head brother about 'clearing cash'.

Sarah and Richard argue on the beach about her walking away. He encourages her to stick around.

Jamie tries to comfort Gina outside her house and pressures her not to shut out those who love her.

At home, Lara sleeps while Ani gets out of bed...

Brandon and Guya snuggle in her bed at home. She calls out for Katie and Owen and cries.

Ani turns up at Gina's, and hugs her close.

Christine's commentary:

First of all fans need to watch Venice season 4 episode 1 on Youtube. It's must-see, and free.

We saw a new character, and a few recasts. Richard was played by Peter Reckell in the past and now by Robert Newman, (ex-Josh Lewis, "Guiding Light,") and Sarah was previously portrayed by Molly Burnett, (ex-Melanie Jonas, "DOOL,") and is now being played by someone new, and last but not least, Dot Jones ("Glee's" Coach Shannon Beiste) was recast by an actress I'm also unfamiliar with.

I admit I was surprised and dismayed Owen was killed off. Poor Gina, Guya, and John. I dug the comedy with Owen in heaven and am really glad he's returning to earth. Very twisty, very soapy. Owen and The Colonel shared a moment. It was subtle, but meaningful. I miss Dot Jones' portrayal of Stella but at least we get to see her on "Glee." Already loving Logan, the snarky blonde who I hear will get involved with Gina this season. Judi Evans is fantastic no matter who she plays. All in all, a great season opener.

Please leave me a comment about your thoughts on today's premiere. Big surprise, season four of Venice The Series now. It's on each Wednesday, and well worth the $9.99 per season!

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- Christine Fix

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