Venice The Series Season Three Episode Twelve.

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

The season finale had Sami committing a heinous act, Gina and Stella heating up the scene, and Katie coming out with a shocker.

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Adrienne and Owen meet at the bar for dinner and drinks. Van and Sami wander in and upon seeing Owen with Adrienne, Sami sighs. Van encourages her to have it out with him now. She takes him up on his idea and goes to Owen. She admits she was going to make a scene but has decided not to. Owen takes her aside to talk while Adrienne shakes her head at Van. Owen apologizes for lying to Sami. "You happy with that tramp?" Sami asks, and immediately apologizes for her outburst. He heads back to his table.

From home, Lara cries and drinks as she reads Gina's letter to Ani. She tries convincing herself that it's meaningless, that Ani's hers and that they love each other. She cries a little and torches the letter.

Ani coaches Michelle at the patio bar about how to deal with Alan and the redesign. Michelle can't find Gina anywhere and is freaking out. Ani calms her with chocolate.

At the beach, Gina leaves Richard a message, saying she'd like to be the one to tell The Colonel about their daughter.


Stella walks into John's place ranting up and down and swearing. She just returned from the principal's office where she learned some kids were teasing Christopher about having two moms and he ended up hitting one of the kids and is facing suspension. John's supportive and reassures Stella that she had nothing to do with this. She provides his physical therapy they talk about his kids. She urges him to meet her son half way. Later, The Colonel leaves to see Owen and Gina arrives. They talk about how brave and strong Stella's wife Pam was. Stella's eyes redden and Gina softens. They have coffee together. Gina could use some girl talk. She opens up about her daughter and how she contacted Richard but not her. Stella's comfortable to talk to and very caring and supportive. Gina tells her so, before leaning in for a lingering kiss!


Van finds Adrienne walking home. He stops her and tells her it was fun to cause havoc last night on the vanilla twins. Adrienne snarks that he's a piece of work. The look Sami gave her sent a chill down her spine. Van thinks she's hurt because Owen will dump her.

Ani arrives home and sees a note from Lara, telling her to dress up. She sees the burned letter and tosses it in the trash.


At home, Sami discards outfit after outfit, trying to prepare to visit Owen in order to get him back. She realizes she's doing what she has done in the past and orders herself to get a grip. Her personality seems to change as she tells herself to get a grip. Her voice changes a little and she says there's no way she'll let Sami go down that road again. "Sorry Sami."


Richard's working on his truck when a young woman approaches. She introduces herself, "I think you're my dad." Both of them smile widely at each other.


Katie goes to Guya on her deck, telling her that she knows why she's there. She saw John opening his mail from Tubbs, an old friend who used to visit them when John was gone... Guya's shocked that Katie betrayed John and calls her a tramp. Katie's astonished but Guya remembers Katie judging her in the past. Katie ignores her sister and tells her that after the affair, she became pregnant with Owen. Maybe Owen's not John's son. Guya slumps. She needs a drink.


Ani meets Lara at a restaurant for a romantic date. Lara takes Ani's hand in hers and tells her she's tired of sabotaging herself. She asks Ani to marry her. Ani tears up but says nothing.


Sami turns up on Owen's doorstep. She tells him he's what will make her happy. Meanwhile, John turns up outside with beer. Back inside, Owen's surprised. He invites her to talk over wine. As John gets into the elevator, Sami gets the scissors and stabs Owen. She leaves quietly and calmly while John enters the apartment and finds his son lying in a pool of blood. He calls for an ambulance frantically.

Christine's commentary:

In-credible! A perfect end to a perfect season. There was something a little off about Sami this season but I didn't expect it to be Dissociative Identity Disorder. How shockingly delicious was that? Of course, my heart was jumping out of my chest as she took the scissors and went to Owen. Poor Sami and poor Owen. I really hope that he's not dead and that Katie's not really there to see her son to "the other side" as could be possible. Speaking of Katie, I'm not shocked about Owen possibly being this Tubbs' son. It fits, but will it come out? If so, how will it change things between father and son, especially now that The Colonel wanted to make amends with Owen. On to Gina - how adorable and hot was it to see her into Stella with whom I absolutely adore? I'd love to see a pairing there. Stella's so sweet and caring and Gina needs someone in her life like her right about now. The problem is, I think Ani may find herself free of Lara. She didn't seem to be happy to have her hand asked in marriage. I'm a little afraid for her, especially since Lara burned the letter. It could work out that Gina is involved with Stella when Ani is single. That's a big monkey wrench thrown in! Last thoughts - I think Van is pretty damned scary himself - almost as much as Sami and her alt.

Seriously, if you have not watched a season yet, you need to head over to Venice The Series now to start watching. It's worth the $9.99 per season!

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