Venice The Series Season Three Episode Eleven.

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Brandon has good news, Van reveals what he's blackmailing Adrienne with, and Katie realizes why she's not at rest.

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Brandon arrives at Guya's. He plans on telling Ms. Preston that her daughter who died of natural causes likely died in the arms of a client, who freaked out and dropped her dead body off at the mortuary after not knowing what to do. Guya says it's the truth. Brandon's not sure if his superiors will want to pursue things.


From the bar, Lara tells Sami she's got to head back to Ani. Van shows himself. He thinks Lara's got to be better company than his cousin Owen. Van offers to take a drunken Sami home.


Alan calls a hung over Michelle from home, to discuss the design changes. He wants them by the end of the day. She says it took three months to design this but he doesn't care. She calls Gina for back-up, but gets no answer, so starts with the redesigning with a bit of panic forming.


Gina goes to Richard at the beach to talk. He's still angry with her. She tries to explain she put that part of her life behind her but he'd have been there for her. The Colonel would have forced them to marry and she didn't want to be a mother. Richard yells that she didn't think of how he'd feel about being a father. They missed out on 21 years and can't forgive her. Richard wants to meet their daughter but Gina doesn't think she'd be a good mother. She cries as Richard walks away.


Katherine drops by Guya's place to get a reading. Katherine's energy smells good, so she amuses things are going well. Katherine admits she's dating Alan. "I thought he was gay?" Guya questions. Apparently he has three ex-wives! Katie turns up behind Katherine. Ted, Katherine's dead ex popped in and says Alan's an assh*le, so Guya tells Katherine to take things slowly.


Van rushes Adrienne on the beach while she's chatting up Owen on her cell. She hangs up with Owen and refuses to tell Van about her plans with Owen. She's still feeling guilty. Van tells her to stop. They're just toying with Owen's emotions for a while. Adrienne argues that Owen's a good guy. Van reminds her that she'd be some Federali's bitch if it wasn't for him. She gets it, though she doesn't like it. She was swindling guys in Cabo anyway, Van reminds her. She storms off and he calls Sami.


It's cocktail night at Gina's place. She gives them Jamie's new favorite cocktail and Guya assures them Brandon's making this whole prostitute business go away. Owen thinks it's finally cool their father did something against the law. He brings up Gina's date with Brandon's cop partner. Gina's not sure she wants to date a cop. Owen has to run for his date. He's sure he and Sami are done. Guya starts sniffing him. There may be unfinished business going on. He runs off.


Katie visits John. She talks to him even though he can't hear or see her. He opens mail and says a name that she remembers. She thinks she knows why she's there...

Christine's Commentary:

Crystal Chappell did it again. Another excellent episode. Richard's anger toward Gina is understandable but I wonder if part of Gina isn't curious about her daughter. Maybe if she meets the girl she'll change her mind about wanting her in her life. It seems Michelle may be over her head but she might have a surprise in store for herself even, regarding designing. I love how they brought up Alan being thought of as gay because I sure did for the longest time especially in the first season. Very interesting how Van got Adrienne to help him mess with Owen - because she was a swindler he saved in Cabo. Since Van called Sami for a date, knowing where Adrienne and Owen are headed, I have to wonder if their little plan will come out into the open. Nice surprise at the end with Katie realizing why she's not at rest! I look forward to the season finale next week, while I also feel a loss coming already. The seasons have steadily gotten better and better. "Venice The Series" deserves to be picked up by network television.

Last thoughts... the wardrobe is cute. That hat on Adrienne was very chic, while Michelle has gotten more sassy and sexy this season with her wardrobe. Check out the series at Venice The Series.

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- Christine Fix

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