Venice The Series Season Three Episode Ten.

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

A bombshell is dropped about Gina and Richard's past, Van watches Lara with Sami, and Gina's letter is almost revealed.

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At Guya's place, Brandon tells her they've a lot to discuss. She asks him to wait until tonight. He agrees to it and leaves. She heads out on the patio where she finds her sister gazing at Brandon. Katie is happy that Guya has Brandon. Guya scoffs when Katie says he reminds her of John. They wonder why Katie hasn't moved on yet.


Van watches Adrienne fix her hair at her place. They ignore a call from Owen. Van wants to take her out in the dress she wore for his cousin. He wishes that Owen would have caught them having sex behind the tree at Gina's party. She rolls her eyes and admits she's sick of this game. She and Owen like each other. He asks if she's sick of being free. Since she's not, the game will continue.


Richard drops by Gina's work and stammers before asking if they have a child together. He received a call from a 21 year old girl who was adopted at birth. She grew up in the Boston area and is looking for her biological parents. Richard remembers Gina went way to school in Boston and returned seven months later. She tries lying but in the end whispers, "I'm sorry." Richard becomes emotional and angry and stomps off.


Lara meets Sami at the bar. They order bourbon and Lara says her girlfriend's waiting for her at home. Sami thinks Ani is boring. She enjoyed the pages Lara sent her. She had issues with the main character, who is focused on being a know-it-all. Sami thinks she should write her the opposite. Lara likes bouncing ideas off someone. Later, Van watches from nearby. Lara's trashed and Sami urges her to stay. She caresses her hair while complimenting her eyes.


Gina stops by to tell Ani that Richard knows. Ani goes pale and hugs her friend. Gina flashes to a date with Ani from the past where they discussed her first real beau, Richard. Ani's surprised she was with a man. Gina confesses that she had a child with him but didn't tell anyone about it. She gave her daughter up for adoption to a nice couple. Ani's the first person she has told. Gina snaps back to reality, crying. She can always count on Ani. Once she leaves, Ani tidies Lara's papers. She doesn't notice Gina's letter sticking out from between the papers.

Christine's Commentary:

Another great episode. Brandon sure is taking his sweet time talking to Guya about the dead hooker. I'm not sure if he'll simply accept her 'I see dead people' answer that she gave Gina last week! Last week's episode made it obvious that Richard and Gina had a child together. Of course since we haven't seen Molly Burnett, we know she'll be playing the daughter. What's going on with Sami always tempting Lara and why is Van so interested in watching them together? Very intriguing. He's such a slime. I wonder what Adrienne did that he's holding over her. I'd love to hear your own thoughts about this week's episode. Please feel free to post a comment below.

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- Christine Fix

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