Venice The Series Season Three Episode Nine.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

A few surprise guests arrive for Amber's funeral.

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Jane pulls into the parking lot for the funeral. She tries to remain positive about resolving things for Katie and Amber. She grabs some crystals, but Katie suggests she try some liquid courage as well. Jane takes a swig from her flask before exiting her car.


As Dana and Brandon stake out the funeral from their car, Dana shows her partner footage of Jane talking to herself. Brandon wonders what she's doing there and exits the car.


Gina and Owen arrive at the funeral. Owen thinks it should be entertaining and Gina sighs that it will be a long day. One of the mourners finds The Colonel and tells him Amber always talked about him. He was like the father she never had. She asks him to say a few words during the service. Richard shows up and tells Gina, Owen and The Colonel he was supposed to have a meeting there, but he thinks he got the wrong address. He saw their cars in the parking lot so he thought he'd check in on them and offer his condolences. Ms. Preston finds Richard and tells him he is in the right place: Her daughter's funeral. He offers to hold their meeting another time, but she has 15 minutes before the service starts so they can talk about his "green world." They walk over to the bar for their meeting.


Brandon comes upon Jane at the bar. He asks what she's doing there. She admits she's been in touch with the dead hooker. She thinks she's supposed to help her crossover, but she's not sure how. He asks her to keep a low profile and to not interfere. After Brandon walks away, Katie points out Amber's mother to Jane. Jane downs her drink and walks over to Ms. Preston, who is talking to Richard. Jane interrupts them and Richard walks away. Jane tells Ms. Preston that Amber never wanted to hurt her with her choices and that she loved her deeply. Ms. Preston is unfazed, but wonders how Jane knows this, wondering if she is also a hooker. Jane explains she met Amber after she died. Leery, Ms. Preston joins the service.


In a room at the service, Jamie, who has been hired to sing, and Drew talk about their relationship. Drew doesn’t want to rush things, but he is there and he wants to be. Jamie misses him when he's not. Drew encourages Jamie to get out there and sing his heart out. Afterwards they can go out and get to know each other. One step at a time. Jamie thinks it sounds perfect and they kiss.


Jamie walks out to perform and looks surprised to see the Brogno family in the crowd. Jamie sings a song about "getting paid to get laid," much to Gina and Owen's amusement. The Colonel gets up to talk, shocking Katie and Guya. When Owen can't contain his laughter, he and Gina walk away. Stella shows up to support John. They commiserate over losing their loved ones. Richard approaches and Stella leaves to get John a beer. Richard questions John about what Gina was like when she went off to school. John wonders if he's getting nostalgic. Richard says, "Something like that."


Jamie runs out after Gina and Owen wondering why they didn't tell him whose funeral this was. Jane follows and tells them Brandon is staking the place out. They all panic as Brandon and Dana greet them. Brandon pulls Guya aside to ask why her whole family is there. She tells him, off the record, Amber died at John's house. She begs him not to turn her family in because they didn’t kill her and it won't change anything. He tells her to get back to the funeral and he will figure out how to handle it. Meanwhile, Dana gives Gina her card to call for police business, or not.


Back at the bar, Jane tells Gina Brandon knows everything. Gina panics, but Jane assures her she will take care of everything. After Gina walks away, Jane promises Katie she'll take care of her family. She then realizes she could lose Katie again if everything is put to rest. Katie says she can crossover now, knowing her sister will take care of her children. Guya cries because she misses Katie already.

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