Venice Season Three Episode Eight.

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Ani becomes concerned, arrangements are made to attend Amber's funeral, and Owen learns the truth.

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Ani walks in the house after working Gina's party and finds an inquisitive Lara. Ani tells her it was fine being around her ex, but she found it odd that Gina brought her high school boyfriend. Lara asks if she was jealous. Ani assures her Gina is her past. Ani picks up Lara's teacup off the table and sees bar napkins. Concerned, she asks if Lara went out that night. Lara tells her she goes to the bar to write, but she didn’t drink. Ani doesn't look convinced. Lara is offended because she trusts her to be with her old girlfriend. Ani is just worried, which Lara ultimately understands. However, she gets up to go to bed.


At her place, Guya tries to rid herself of her negativity and open herself to the universe. Katie shows up and they talk about the dead prostitute, Amber. Katie thinks they need to figure out who her family was and where she came from. Guya looks in the obituary section of the newspaper and finds Amber's funeral announcement. Guya thinks going to the funeral will help both Amber and Katie.


Gina visits Owen at his place. Owen brings up her announcement at the party about Michelle. Gina is okay knowing she doesn’t have to do all the work. She wants a real life because time is limited. She thinks she might even meet someone someday. She asks him about Adrienne and Sami. Owen says Adrienne is new and Sami is having a hard time forgiving him. The Colonel calls Gina and tells her Amber's funeral is tomorrow and he wants to go. She's hesitant, but agrees to go with him. After hanging up, Owen questions her about what's going on. Gina fills him in, which sets Owen off. However, he wants to go to the funeral to watch their father sweat.


At the Colonel's, Stella offers her condolences about his friend. He appreciates that, saying she was a special soul. Stella offers to go to the funeral to keep him company.


From home, Alan calls Michelle to instruct her to attend a party to garner publicity for their project. After he hangs up, Katherine praises Gina for giving Michelle credit. Alan thinks Gina is losing her edge and hopes Michelle can keep up. Katherine asks, "What if she can't?"


Gina arrives at work and finds Michelle trying on outfits for the party, which Michelle uncomfortably tells her about. Gina wants her to remember why people are interested. At the end of the day, it's all about the work. But Gina does tell her to enjoy it.


Brandon meets with his partner on the street and they talk about setting up surveillance at Amber's funeral.

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