Venice The Series Season Three Episode Six.

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Ani feels distant, Guya comes to a realization, and Owen apologizes to Sami.

Venice The Series Season Three Episode Six. image

As Gina leaves The Colonel's house, she runs into her father's nurse, Stella, who tells Gina she needs a day off. She explains that she's a single mom, because her partner died, and has to go to parent teacher conferences. Gina assures her it's no problem.


Gina gives Michelle a chilly reception at work. Alan, who is getting a massage from Katherine, calls and invites Gina to a party for the next night to toast her latest creation. After she hangs up, Gina tells Michelle they are celebrating her project and orders her to attend the party. When Michelle resists, Gina icily says these events are part of the game…if it's a game she really wants to play.


Ani eats breakfast at home and then calls her brother Jake to wish him a happy birthday. Though drinking, he isn't exactly celebrating. They catch up and Jake is surprised to hear she's still with Lara. When Ani suggests he try to find someone to build a life with, he notes life's too short and you shouldn’t have to work so hard to get someone to love you for who you are. He says he's going to be in town and they should catch up. Ani doesn’t look thrilled.


Lara sits at the bar as Sami enters. They start chitchatting and bond over their disdain of the Brognos.


Owen finds Sami outside her apartment. He apologizes for the other day and asks if he can call her sometime. She brushes him off because she has to meet Van at the shelter. He warns her not to trust him because Van will hurt her. Gina is outraged and spits out that she saw "her" coming out of his apartment building. She tells him to back off and give her some space.


When Ani is distant and doesn't want to make love in bed, Lara gets up to write. Ani recalls a time when the tables were turned and she told a defensive Gina how lonely she felt in their relationship.


Ani meets Michelle at the beach bar. Ani admits she hasn't really forgiven Lara. She feels that she's shutting herself off from her and recalls how awful it made her feel when Gina did the same thing. Michelle says she could never be like Gina.


Guya meets Brandon at the beach bar. She admits she saw a case file on his computer and saw how beautiful the dead woman was. Guya mentions the earrings the woman had on and he tells her only one of them is in the evidence room.


In her yard, Guya tries to clear what's blocking her, as Katie asks what she found out from John. Guya explains that she thinks the woman died in Katie's house and that's how she got her soul. Katie wonders how the woman ended up at her house. Guya relays that the woman was a hooker. Katie is aghast. Guya thinks John must have called Gina when the woman died.

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