Venice The Series Season Three Episode Five.

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Gina is honest with Richard, Guya looks for gossip, and Adrienne has an interesting connection.

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At home, a shaken up Guya tells Katie she saw her on Brandon's computer because he's working on her case: the dead woman behind the funeral parlor. Guya wonders how it could be her. Katie doesn’t know because all she remembers is being behind John's house. It's as if she couldn't leave until she took care of something, like telling her family about the accident. Guya thinks it's best if she keeps that a secret. Katie wonders why she's back and how she got into the spirit. Guya explains that spirits can transfer if they die within the vicinity of each other. She believes the woman must have died in John's neighborhood. Guya excitedly takes off for John's to dig for gossip.


Guya finds The Colonel doing exercises at home. She asks if there's any gossip in the neighborhood. He strings her along for a bit with a story, but ultimately tells her nothing is going on. He wonders if that's the only reason she came by. Guya relays that Katie would want her to check in on him. Guya feels her there. The Colonel misses Katie, but doesn't feel her in every nook and cranny. Guya thinks that's too bad. She then sees an earring on the floor and asks who it belongs to.


Gina and Richard meet at the rooftop bar. He's glad they got the chance to catch up. She remarks her past keeps sneaking up and grabbing her in the ass. Richard sees her as a woman who gets what she wants. She used to think that. Gina asks why he didn't remarry after his break up. He responds he had a couple of opportunities, but it was never the right fit. He set the bar high when he was young. She jokes about how perfect The Colonel thought he was. Richard wants to walk her home because she's had too much to drink. As they stroll back, Richard kisses her. She pulls back and sits him down on a bench. She breaks it to him that she's gay. He smiles, kisses her and says that explains a lot. He wonders why she didn’t tell him back then. She was worried about what everyone would think. He understands now why she just disappeared, but thinks they can still be friends. She thanks him for making it so easy for her. He asks if she is in a relationship. She says no, but he knows she was in love. Gina has a flashback of telling Ani she loved her. Gina tells Richard she still loves her, but it's time to move on.


Outside his apartment, Owen has a beer with Adrienne. Owen tells her he always wanted to be an actor. She's impressed he's so creative and knew his career path at a young age. He downplays his dream, mentioning the Colonel's lack of support. She tells Owen he gives his father too much power. He proudly states he is an actor. She has to go to work and they kiss goodbye. He says he'll call her. She responds, "Not if I call you first." As Adrienne leaves, she gives a sly smile and nod to Van, who is leaning on his car in the street.

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