Venice The Series Season Three Episode Four.

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Brandon digs deeper into the prostitute case, Gina lies to Alan, and Sami mourns her relationship with Owen.

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At Gina's office, Michelle suggests she tell Alan the truth about the designs being hers, not Gina's. She offers to clean out her desk. Gina thinks she should stay put. "For now," she adds. Alan turns up and calls this last bit Gina's best work yet. "It was truly inspiring." He decides to set up a meeting for next week. He leaves and Gina rants at Michelle for putting her in a bad position. Michelle thinks it's lucky for Gina that she was there to keep things going while Gina was gone. They go back and forth and Gina walks out.

Brandon takes a call in his car from Frank the Coroner. He tells his partner that there was residue found on the prostitute's skin - the same compound found in household cleaning products, and there were two kinds of nail polish found on her nails. Why would the killer paint her nails?

At home, John's nurse takes him through physical therapy. She gets him to add to his repertoire and tells him she'd like to hear some of his war stories.


At his bar, Jamie hands Gina a daisy martini and shares what he overheard about Brandon discussing the case of the prostitute. Gina promises to talk to Guya.


At Ani's, Lara beams. She was able to write today. Ani toasts to Lara officially being unblocked and Lara calls Ani her everything. They snuggle on the sofa and discuss Lara's new book and how Ani was the inspiration.


Sami paces her apartment, getting more upset by the moment for Owen's indiscretion. She cries on her bed, calling herself stupid and weak. She gets dolled up and heads to a bar - Nadines.


At her place, Guya complains when Brandon takes his work home with him. She looks at his laptop as he gets them his famous martinis. She freaks out when she sees a mug shot and fingerprints of her sister on his laptop. He returns with martinis and she downs hers, and then his.

Christine's comments:

This episode was shorter than the rest of the season so far, which only succeeded in making me crave more. John really has met his match and a friend in his nurse. It's good to see the lack of whining this season while he undergoes therapy. I understood Gina's anger and frustration over what Michelle did, but hope that when she comes to her senses, she shares with Alan that Michelle worked on the designs. If it were me, I'd be happy that Michelle was doing so well and might consider taking her on as a partner rather than an assistant. As for Brandon, not only is he working on the prostitution case which is worrisome, now he's what, looking into Katie's past or death too? Very curious. I really like seeing Lara with Ani, but Lara's a ticking time bomb and Ani is going to have to learn it first-hand. I'm not looking forward to that.

What's your take on this episode?

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