Venice The Series Season Three Episode Three.

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Sami witnesses Owen with another woman, Jane tries to make amends with Van, and Jamie flashes to dropping off the hooker at the funeral home.

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At The Colonel’s house, the nurse has won the arm wrestling match and watches him do sit ups while he whines. Later, Gina arrives, angry that he mailed the letter to Ani. Gina only wrote it for closure. Colonel claims he was trying to help even though he doesn’t approve of what he calls "her lifestyle." Gina growls at that and tells him Ani read the letter and doesn’t want her.


Owen drops by Sami’s place. He misses talking to her but she’s not ready to talk to him and they can’t fast forward that. She tells him to leave and once he does, she cries.


Jane (Guya) sees Katie in her garden. She worries about her kids. Jane yells that this is her fault. She did the best she could and cries that it should have been her. Katie tells her the lies will continue to cause pain. She should let it go.


Owen sidles up to the Irish Mist bar to drown his sorrows in beer and tells the bartender his life isn’t in order. She flirts and tells him maybe Sami will be waiting for him once he’s together.

The next morning, the bartender greets Owen in his shirt, at his place. She introduces herself as Adrienne and tells him about herself. She really liked sex with him but he already knew that. They kiss and on her way out, Sami turns up and watches Adrienne leave.

Lara leaves Ani’s place smiling and says, "Last night was a start." Ani tells her to come over after her meeting tonight.


Jane goes to Van, who is working on a motorbike in the garage. Katie offers Jane advice to be his mother, and then disappears. Jane asks Van to dinner and he jokingly accuses her of being drunk. She asks him for forgiveness. She hasn’t been there for him. He’s taken aback. They joke around and she asks him to go easy on Owen. He would but calls Owen his own worst enemy.


Gina walks the beach and reminisces about videotaping Ani walking on the beach. Ani worried she couldn’t keep up with their relationship. "With you, I would never be enough," Ani declared. Gina disagreed and then snapped out of it. She heads home and on a call, tells Alan that his project is at the top of her list. He calls her recent work her best yet. She’s confused and realizes he has designs from Michelle.


Jane meets Brandon for drinks on the beach. She brings up Van and their relationship and Brandon talks about trying to wrap up the case of the woman found in the funeral home. Nearby, a nervous Jamie overhears and hands Jane a martini, trying to get more information. He flashes to dragging the dead hooker from his car and dropping her off at the funeral home.

Gina arrives at the office and goes off on Michelle. She attempts to explain she was trying to help. She offers to clear out her desk but Gina stops her and tells her Alan loves her designs.

Christine's comments: Another great episode. It was annoying to be reminded that The Colonel still sees being gay as a "lifestyle," but that's reality for some. Many will be able to identify with this. It's great to see some of the storylines from last season touched upon. It'll be interesting to see how Brandon's investigation goes. Could Katie be part of Jane's conscience? Jane feels responsible for her death so it's possible this is why she is seeing her. Maybe once she forgives herself and moves on, Katie's image will fade. I'd really love to get a dialogue with the fans going so please feel free to comment on this episode below or in the forums.

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