Venice The Series Season Three Episode Two.

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Ani lies to Gina, Gina confronts Lara, and Owen and John have it out.

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At the house, John's (The Colonel) nurse offers to arm wrestle with him. If she wins, he has to suck it up about his therapy. He promises he'll whip her butt. He can be heard yelling from the street.


Gina bumps into Richard outside his van at the beach. She tells him she's ready to reclaim her life. This is the first day back at work. She asks if he'll stop by and make sure the Colonel and his new nurse don't kill each other.

Lara watches as people file into an AA meeting, but she doesn't go in.

At home, Ani gazes at the AA flyer Lara gave her.

Owen arrives at The Colonel's and confesses he lost the movie deal. John's pissed and tells him to get a real job and stop being pathetic. Owen shakes his head and calls his dad a pathetic father. They're interrupted by Richard and Owen takes off. Richard apologizes for the ill timing. They have coffee and discuss how stubborn Gina is. Richard brings up a job interview at City Hall and his divorce. He's not sure if he's moving back but hears Gina's not in a relationship right now. John stammers and says there was someone in Gina's life but he doesn't think she made a go of it. Richard hopes to get something going with Gina. John looks awkward and says he's sure if Gina wants to talk to him, she'll call him.


Gina tracks Ani down at a photo shoot at the beach and tells her she's free from John and happy to get back to the grindstone. Ani is supportive. Gina asks about the huge sunglasses and removes them. She notices the bruising and Ani covers. "I tripped..." Gina becomes angry, assuming Lara had something to do with this. Ani asks her to stay out of it, so Gina leaves in a huff. Later, Ani sadly eats some chocolate.

Lara winds up at Ani's, where she finds the letter from Gina.


At home, Sami looks at her photo with Owen, and grabs it, placing it face down.


Gina arrives at the office, pacing and yelling about Ani's situation. Michelle thinks she needs to let it go. They have to deal with work but Gina needs to take care of this now. She takes off.


Gina arrives at Ani's place and accuses her of hitting Ani. Lara denies beating her and says she has stopped drinking. They're making a go of a relationship, though it's not perfect. She turns things around and blames Gina for leaving emotional scars on Ani's psyche. Gina calls her pathetic. Lara brings up the letter Gina wrote and leads her to believe that Ani read it and doesn't want her back. Gina's surprised, since she didn't send the letter. "If you truly love her Gina, let her go," Lara says. With tears in her eyes, Gina walks out.

Christine's Commentary:

I love the new nurse, who is John's match. She'll whip his bum into shape, I'm sure. Ani and Lara are both deluding themselves into thinking their relationship issues are 'normal'. Gina can't help them though, but I think she should be supportive. I can only guess that John will hear it from Gina for sending the letter, but she may go easy on him considering it took a lot of love for him to send it, when he has never been supportive of her sexual orientation. Up until now at least. Things were awkward with John and Richard when Richard showed an interest in Gina. I'm glad John didn't spill. It's not his place to tell him Gina swings for the other side. I'm also not sure Gina needs to be upfront about it. That's up to her, but it would be a good idea to tell Richard she's not into him. The random scene with Sami did nothing for me. I've never been a fan of the character and wouldn't mind seeing Owen move on with someone else soon. What are your own thoughts on this episode?

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