Venice The Series Season Three Epsiode One.

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Gina, Owen and Guya play 'cocktails and confessions', Van apologizes to Sammy, and Katherine and Allan share a moment.

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Gina has a sexy dream about Ani but wakes up alone. Later, she attempts to keep The Colonel’s newest rehab nurse, even though she knows it’s a tough task. The nurse, an old arm wrestling champ in college, agrees to stick it out. The Colonel can see how happy Gina is to be rid of him. He thinks it was nice of her to help him recover but it’s time for her to go and recover. He brings up Ani, asking if she’s a part of her life. Gina isn’t sure and is surprised he’s asking.

Richard wakes up from his van and goes for a run on the beach

Owen wakes up with Sami in his bed. "That was fun," they agree. He checks his phone and she assumes he’s checking messages for another woman. He apologizes and they start having sex. Later, Van helps Sami take boxes to her car. Owen can’t tell the truth about his life so why should she trust him? Van blames himself and brings up his bruised male ego. He didn’t mean to cross any lines with her with the kiss. She didn’t mean to lead him on. She values their friendship.


Guya wakes up in her garden to Brandon calling. She doesn’t remember them talking last night. He had to leave his stake-out to see her. He called an hour later and she was laughing her ass off. She’s completely confused and more so when he tells her she was hanging out with her BFF. They hang up and her sister pops up.


Katherine lets Allan in at home. He comments that Gina’s off the grid lately. Katherine has always wanted to be a woman of mystery like that. Allan insists she is. She grins and remembers how he took to wheeling and dealing when he first started the business. He remembers her being a big help to him. “Do you ever think about that night?” Indeed he does. He’s glad to have her back in his life and caresses her hair. They get down to viewing his designs.

At the café, Jamie is happy Drew is serving him at his own joint. He could get used to it. He and Drew share a kiss. He’s surprised about them. There was a time when he didn’t think he would be able to be openly gay. He grew up in a gospel home and had a gay uncle. They called him eccentric. He tried to protect him but it was so complicated. They start kissing.


Ani packs her things at home and covers up bruises created by Lara, but the makeup doesn’t help much. She leaves and bumps into Lara, who notices her handiwork and is very apologetic. She’ll never forgive herself. She went to an AA meeting last night. Ani wants her to get help but says nothing when Lara asks for another chance. They agree to talk later.


Gina arrives at Guya’s on the beach with Owen. They play games. It’s time for cocktails and confessions. Guya tells stories about showing her panties to a boy when she was a kid. Owen makes fun of her. Gina calls her a little tart. Guya admits she felt in control until the little boy threw up. Gina says Guya looks like sh*t. Guya confesses she knows. She’s been off her game. Her aura’s completely shot. She can see spirits. "You uh see dead people?" Owen asks. He gets a slap for his joke. Later, Owen admits he ate the lemon pie from 25 years ago and Gina goes off on him. Guya laughs it and Gina says she got a bad laser hair removal job. Owen says he once dated a girl who had a lot of pubic hair like an afro. They crack up and Gina admits she picked a landing strip for her pubic hair but ended up with a question mark. Owen confesses he lost the movie. The producer’s nephew got the job. Gina feels bad. They toast to family.


Allan finds Michelle outside at the café, and notes he can’t find Gina still. Michelle is nervous but promises to set something up with Gina when she talks to her.

Cryptic Commentary:

What a great, feelgood season opener. I love that we already caught a glimpse of Ani and Gina together, even though it was in the form of a dream. I dug the humourous scene at Guya's pad that made me feel as though I was part of 'cocktail confessions'. I like the new additions to the cast in Van and Sami as well and look forward to next week's episode. Care to comment on your own thoughts?

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