Venice The Series Season Two Season Finale: Episode Twelve.

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Owen and Sami go on a break, John does something wonderful for Gina, and Guya realizes who Amber is.

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Sami makes a phone call in the middle of the night to Owen. She doesn’t know what’s going on with him but loves him. Meanwhile, Owen’s having sex with a woman on his kitchen table.

Sami heads to the beach where Van comes upon her and shares the news that Owen was fired from the film. Later, she bumps into Owen, asking where he’s been. He angrily confronts her about the kiss with Van and she laughs in his face and wonders how he could lie to her about the movie. They argue and she explains that Van kissed her, but that she pulled away. Owen’s apologetic but it doesn’t matter to Sami, who thinks they need a break.

We see Owen sipping wine, at home, with a satisfied grin on his face.


John’s doing so well with his exercises at home that Gina offers to make him a hamburger. He’s grateful and when she goes to cook, he takes out the letter Gina wrote to Ani out of her purse and slyly takes off. Gina goes in search of him with his burger but can’t find him. He has gone and mailed off the letter to Ani.


Lara and Ani wake up the morning after things got out of control. Lara apologizes. She hopes Ani knows she’d never do that intentionally but Ani doesn’t know anything anymore. She looks in the mirror glumly, after seeing a massive bruise across her cheek. Lara comes up to her, in tears, apologizing and promising to get help. She sobs as she professes her love. Ani sadly holds Lara.


At the office, Michelle takes a call from Alan, who received her designs. She listens and then tells him she’ll let Gina know. After they hang up, she seems surprised.


Outside at Guya’s place, Amber shows up again and yells, "Why won’t you help me?" Guya is sorry. She already told her she couldn’t help. Amber screams, "Liar!" She asks repeatedly why she is leaving her in agony and pain. She was supposed to be her friend. Her best friend for life. Guya’s confused until she looks down at Amber’s fingernails and sees colorful flowers painted upon them. She looks up and shocked, says, "Katie…" Amber pleads with her to tell her why she did this to her.

My stomach was in knots watching this intense season finale. It was short yet filled with so much. I hope Owen and Sami’s break means they’re over. Not a fan of either. Van’s bitterness is overwhelming. He really needs therapy and to grow up and move on already! I loved that finally, John made enough progress that finally he got his burger! And how satisfying was it to see that while Gina was doing something sweet for him, he had let go of his homophobic rubbish to send that letter? Sure, it was interfering, but I was really touched by the thought. I’m feeling the true spirit of family. We’re a long way from the first episode of the first season! I’m gathering that Michelle got good news from Alan about her designs. What’ll she do with this news though, is the question. I originally thought Amber was either supposed to be reincarnated Katie, but now I think she may be Guya's subconscious. Either way, I loved the scene and cannot wait to find out which it is and how Guya deals with it. That powerful scene shot in front of the mirror with Lani was quite believable and heartrending. While the bruising was a result of an accident – yes, even though Lara meant to push Ani, I don’t believe she meant to hit or harm her. Still, this is a wake-up call and I hope that they take a break and that Lara does get help. I think that they could mend their relationship as long as Lara truly wants the help. However, what happens once that love letter arrives in Ani’s mailbox and what if Lara finds it first? I think there's potential for Lara to become abusive, which worries me for Ani.

Thanks to all the cast and crew at Venice The Series for giving us such a wild ride this season. I look forward to watching the next season and hope that everyone has enjoyed this second season as much as I have. I'll miss the show. Cheers to season 3!

Kudos to Nadia Bjorlin for a great season!

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