Venice The Series: Episode 11.

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Gina writes, Lara and Ani fight, and Van makes a pass...

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Lara wakes up at Ani’s place and Ani immediately starts in on her, complaining about her being a drunken mess and hitting on Jess at the end of the party last night. Lara’s confused and doesn’t recall that. Ani yells that she and Gina had to haul her ass home. They bicker and Lara says she’s under a lot of pressure. She apologizes but Ani can’t do this right now. She takes off with Lara yelling after her.


Owen has tea with Guya and admits he lost his job. Guya dishes out the positive thinking and he admits he hates lying to Sami. Guya recommends he tell her the truth but they’ve been arguing over Van. He heads to Sami’s place while Brandon arrives with a kiss. He tells her she was talking in her sleep about her sister and crying last night. Guya’s embarrassed and confesses she feels out of sorts. Brandon blames the full moon and they giggle and start making out.


Gina covers a sleeping John with a blanket at home and reads a love letter to Ani she wrote – aloud. She admits she was frightened to give herself to Ani and if she was available, she’d want her. She pours out her heart and cries. She probably won’t give the letter to Ani but needed for her feelings to be said. She loves Ani and always has. She slips the letter into an envelope and kisses it, then puts it into her bag. From the sofa, John watches, sadly.


Van’s at Sami’s place and can tell she’s upset. He urges her to unload on him. He tries to cheer her up and makes her laugh. He moves in and they share a kiss, but Sami pulls away. Owen comes in unseen as Sami apologizes and tells Van she loves Owen.

Lara’s at the beach café drinking. Jamie can tell she’s upset but she’ll be fine. She wants him to keep the booze coming and get her book deal back. Jamie comforts her. She talks about how she thinks she’s losing Ani. She sleeps and Jamie wakes her up. He has a car waiting to take her home. She leaves with him, miserably.


Ani and Gina sit on the beach and Ani notices Gina calls John her dad. Ani discusses her issues with Lara and Gina tells Ani to work on her relationship. They hug.

Gina returns home and makes John lunch. She tells him his friend’s death was an accident. She had an aneurysm. John’s thankful.


Ani returns home to Lara drinking. Lara’s all talked out and slurs her words. Ani confronts her about her missed deadlines, causing Lara to become belligerent. She mourns not being on the bestseller’s list anymore and cries. Ani tries to hug her and Lara pushes her away, hard. In the process, Ani hits her head against the wall. Lara’s apologetic and starts bawling.

If you didn’t cry during this episode, you’re made of steel. If you haven’t watched it, wander over to Venice The Series Official site and do so. You can still purchase season two for a mere $9.99. Let’s get the bad out and then go into the emotional dish. I’m livid at that dirty scumbag Van, for coming on to his own cousin’s girl. I can’t believe Sami didn’t see this coming. It’s as if she encouraged it, I guess because she saw how distant Owen was. I think she needs to tell Van to take a hike. I hope Owen saw her apologize for the kiss and oddly, I hope they can make it work, even though I’m still not that invested in them! Sometimes we need our eyes open to realize what’s in front of our face? Lara’s out of control and I still think Ani needs to run. RUN! Bets on John sending Gina’s letter to Ani? Gina’s now calling John "dad" and John is finally seeing Gina as a human being with feelings instead of an alien with two heads, just because she’s gay. It’s a Christmas miracle! Such a great emotional episode. I didn’t think it could get any better and need to give honourable mention to Crystal Chappell and Nadia Bjorlin’s acting. Both were superb. I’d love to hear your own thoughts on the episode. Please leave me a comment! If you're interested, check out this interview with Hillary B. Smith who plays Guya.

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