Venice The Series Season Two: Episode 10.

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Owen refuses to see his father, Lara takes a tumble at Ani's gallery party, and Guya explains to Gina and Jamie exactly what it is Brandon does for a living!

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At his place, Owen invites Sami to the movies but Sami urges him to visit his father. Instead, he thinks they should invite Gina. Owen tells her that his dad was great when his mom was alive. He was very supportive of him but they both became invisible once she died. Sami assumes that’s how John dealt with his loss. Owen’s still got a lot of bitterness in him because of it.


Michelle looks at a set of completed designs and signs Gina’s name to the bottom. She seals it in an envelope for Alan.


Ani, Lara and Gina celebrate Ani’s gallery showing outside at Gina’s pool. Everyone toasts Ani and Michelle gushes about how amazing it is to see Ani’s photos on display. Lara goes to refresh her drink and Gina replaces her. Michelle leaves them alone and Gina congratulates Ani, who thanks her for making her night happen. Lara stares from a table nearby as Katherine watches Guya with Brandon. Gina visits Brandon and Guya, who tells Gina that Brandon’s a homicide detective. Jamie drops by and overhears. Gina’s face goes pale as Guya shares that Brandon found a dead hooker’s body recently. Jamie puts on a smile and congratulates the detective who shares that they found a bracelet on the woman with a crest with the letter C scrawled on it and says she probably died of an aortic aneurism. There’s no sign of foul play but they just can’t figure out how she ended up in a funeral home. Gina laughs nervously and Brandon says they probably shouldn’t discuss it further. Gina and Jamie take off with excuses to refresh their drinks. Once they’re out of earshot, Gina blasts Jamie for taking the hooker to a funeral home. Jamie squeaks that he’s never done this before. He flashes to wheeling the covered body on a dolly while screaming, "Oh God. Oh God. Why? Why? Why?"

Later, Gina goes to Michelle and apologizes for not being in the office. She’ll be back soon. Michelle assures her it’s fine but takes off for a drink. She meets with Drew who admits he’s a huge fan of her designs. Drew’s a Rocket Scientist, Jamie boasts and Drew starts talking shop, causing Jamie to become even more enamored. The men kiss and Gina’s impressed. She thinks they’re adorable. She goes to Guya who shares she’s got an issue with her gift. She sees Amber nearby and goes to her but the woman is gone. Gina says hello to Jess and asks after Tracy. Lara falls into the pool at that point and Gina offers to help the drunken woman home.

At home, Ani’s place, Gina stares at a photo of her with Ani while Ani puts Lara to bed. Ani returns to watch Gina sniffing a red shirt and smiling because Ani has kept it after all this time.

They've outdone themselves. Truly, this was the best episode yet. Watching Lara fly into the pool in her drunken state was hysterical. I think she drank more after watching Gina and Ani get cozy at the party, poor thing! I was shocked with the twist that Brandon is a homicide detective and that he’s working on the case of the hooker! Spectacular. And Jamie's flashback to wheeling the dead hooker along the street? I couldn't stop laughing! Honestly, I’m still laughing! I worry about Michelle and all the work she's putting in for Gina and was touched by her loyalty to Gina when signing Gina’s name to what I assume was her own design. I felt so bad for her and wonder how much longer she can go on like this. Also cute seeing Drew with Jamie and learning he’s a freaking Rocket Scientist! That just made me laugh more. If you haven't seen an episode yet, I urge you to get over to Venice, The Series official website and sign up!

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