Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Nine.

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Gina, Guya and Owen play a game, Van looks for advice from Sami, and we learn how Katie died.

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Ani finds a key in the door of her house and the door open. She wanders in and sees Lara passed out on the sofa and covers her with a quilt.

At John’s place, he complains about eating boring old oatmeal. He’d prefer scotch or even a beer. Gina listens and takes a call from Owen, who is checking up on their dad. They hang up and John makes a snide comment about Owen not dropping by. Gina reminds him Owen’s working and this is important to him. Later, Gina wants to take him for a walk but John doesn’t want to. They argue. John wonders why she’s always there. She’s got a job and a love life. Gina doesn’t really want to discuss her love life but with some encouragement, she tells him she is in love with somebody who is with somebody else. She’ll have to love her from a distance. John’s surprised she’s going to lie down and accept it!


Guya sips coffee at home and finds Amber in her yard. Amber is tired and lost and begs Guya for another reading. Guya’s not in the mood but reluctantly agrees she’ll try, even though there may be an energy block between them.

Jamie can see Owen’s got a lot on his mind and offers to listen, at the beach. Owen says he lost the movie, weeks ago. Jamie feels for him. Owen says they hired the producer’s son. He feels like this was the one shot for him but Jamie’s sure there are more and his family will be supportive. He needs to open up. Owen’s embarrassed he’s been lying the whole time, even to Sami.


Michelle takes a call from Alan from her car. He’s upset that there’s no finished design on his desk and the deadline is looming. He demands that Gina have them finished by tomorrow. Michelle promises it’ll happen.


Van spots Sami on the beach. He tells her he’s trying to decide whether or not to tell a friend a secret. Sami thinks honesty’s important. He thanks her for the advice and takes off.

Brandon kisses Guya and leaves her with Owen and Gina. They catch up and mix martinis and Gina tells them about seeing Richard McAndrews on the beach. She hasn’t told him she’s gay. It’s complicated. When Guya asks Gina how the ass (John) is doing, Gina starts to name call but stops herself. She won’t do that again. They decide to play a game called ‘Asshole’. If Gina were one, she’d register John as a democratic gay man. Guya and Owen bust a gut laughing and Owen says he’d change his last name and never talk to John again. This goes on for a while and Gina admits it’s been challenging to see John in pain. Guya thinks with their mother’s birthday coming, it must be hard. Owen agrees to pay him a visit. Later, Guya reads from an old diary in bed, reminiscing about her sister and the accident that killed her when Van crawled into the front seat of the car, accidentally spilling hot coffee on her sister. Guya breaks down.

Yet another terrific episode. Well balanced between characters, funny, poignant... it had it all. I doubt if Lara got around to finishing the pages for her editor and thought how sad it is that Ani's wasting her time with an alcoholic. Yep, I said it. I am worried Lara's going to drag Ani down with her but was glad to hear - as I suspected, that Gina was still in love with Ani. Perhaps she really has changed. I was floored when John actually asked Gina about her love life. I had to watch it twice to make sure I wasn't dreaming it. He's come a long way. I'm starting to think that Amber is either another psychic who is dreaming about Katie's accident or she's Katie reincarnated! Either way it's absolutely keeping me riveted. How horrible was it to watch Guya remember her sister's death? I had a lump in my throat during those scenes. I also wonder if Van knows that Owen's not working on the movie and that's what his request for advice was to Sami. Lots of questions and hopefully one or two will be answered before the season finale! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the episode or recap. Please leave me a comment!

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