Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Eight.

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Owen and Van apologize to Sami, Gina gets John out of the house, and Lara is in trouble.

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Van listens in as Owen strolls the beach as he leaves Sami an apology on her voice mail about Van and invites her over. Van goes to Sami to apologize for yesterday. He says his arm’s feeling better. Sami apologizes for Owen’s behavior but Van says they’ve a history. He opens up about how his mother’s attention was given to Owen and Gina and he resented it and Owen. He defends his cousin. Later, Owen drops by with flowers and another apology. He’s not happy to hear Van stopped by. His cousin’s a snake. Sami says he came clean about torturing Owen as a kid but that doesn’t make Owen feel easier. Owen calls his cousin a player and doesn’t want to see her get hurt.


Gina heads downstairs at the house and asks John if he’s ready to go for a walk. He refuses so she blackmails him by threatening to kick his prized signed football that he keeps under glass. She jogs outside with it and he slowly makes his way after her. She threatens to kick the ball and he has a fit, but ends up outside. She grins wildly seeing him outside. He takes the ball and heads back in and Gina does a little victory dance!


Amber finds Guya in her garden and pleads with her for help. Guya can tell Amber doesn’t feel well. She’s been wandering for years and begs Guya for help. Guya starts a tarot reading immediately and talks about seeing an inner struggle and long winding road with flowers and then a crash. Amber becomes unhinged and then Guya brings her hands to her face in shock. She’s in a bad situation – in prison. Amber yells at her to let her out and give her the truth.


Lara, Jamie and Drew discuss the show sale they conquered over cocktails on the rooftop patio. Lara receives a call from Ani and refuses dinner. She’ll have to stay home and write. She hangs up and admits to Jamie she’s behind on her book. She didn’t tell Ani because she wouldn’t understand the kind of pressure she’s under. Jamie disagrees but Lara wants to get back to drinking and talking about their shopping escapades. Later, Lara meets with Jamie and Gina arrives and he hands her a martini. She tells Ani all about John’s rehab plan and how excited she is. They talk about the gallery opening party at Gina’s place and what type of food they’d like to serve. Ani wants pigs in a blanket but worries about her weight. Gina comforts her and calls her the most beautiful woman she has ever met. They start dancing slowly.


Ani’s at home pacing when she notices an email come in for Lara. It reads that Lara missed another deadline and is fired if she misses the next one tomorrow morning. Ani worries about her girlfriend and wonders where she is and what she’s doing. Meanwhile, Lara is passed out in her car with a flask beside her.

I thought this was a powerful episode with each scene. It broke my heart that Amber seems in so much pain that she keeps returning to Guya for help, but luckily, Guya seems to have gotten her mojo back and gave a reading. Possibly Amber’s family was involved in an accident and she can’t overcome it… It was great to see John moving around a little. Gina sure knows her father. What a hoot that she threatened him with the ball and that little victory dance was great. I felt her triumph! Lara’s in a heap more trouble than I anticipated and I feel for her but wonder why she doesn’t think Ani of all people would understand the pressure she’s under. I don’t think she’s giving Ani enough credit. Maybe she just doesn’t want to appear ‘weak’ to Ani. The thing is, the further away she is to Ani, the easier it is for Gina to get close with Ani again. Last thoughts…whenever I see Owen I think of him as Rafe. Same character. I wish that Sami had another name because I find it a little confusing after recapping DOOL moments before this! I don’t think Sami and Owen belong together. I don’t have any feelings for them and I think Van is a snake. I mean, why go to Sami after listening in on Owen’s call? Snake! What are your thoughts of this episode – or even the recap? Please feel free to let me know!

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